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daily 03/17/2016

    • Norden added, “Actually, it’s not really accessible to the developer in any way,” noting that “the PlayStation 4 is perfectly capable of [running games at] 120 Hz.”
    • The processor unit is about the size of four CD jewel cases stacked together.
    • there is no throttle-only setting. It has an electronically-limited top motor-assisted speed of 25 km/h (16 mph), and a stated range of approximately 130 to 150 km (80 to 93 miles) depending on use. A full battery charge takes three hours.
    • Remember, a $600 Rift is really more like $1400 if you count the burly PC that’s capable of running it. More people own a PlayStation 4
    • The current number of worldwide PS4 sales is a little under 38 million. The number of people with a graphics card capable of VR? Smaller.
    • The PS VR will also have a lot of games at launch. More than 230 game developers are working on projects for the platform, including developers you’ve actually heard of.
    • Late Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders led Clinton by about 2 percentage points in Missouri. But Clinton pulled ahead after midnight on votes from St. Louis City and St. Louis County.
  • Jesus never juked any one out either. Took his hit’s like a man on friday so he could prove every one wrong on Sunday

  • Aspire to be a great leader in a growing company?

    Read “The Hard Thing About Hard Things” (@bhorowitz). Soak it up. Absolutely phenomenal.

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