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daily 09/07/2015

    • As far as we can tell, entanglement either means that reality isn’t localized, or measurement triggers some event that is either instantaneous regardless of distance, or moves faster than the speed of light.
    • The egg turns out to have been steeped in hibiscus; the spinach-looking thing is chaya.
    • You can expect that every night the restaurant is open there will be a line forming outside by two in the afternoon
    • It’s an hour and a half to the town of Valladolid,
    • When I went into cooking it was like, Yo, I have nobody to take care of me. I need to find something I can do.
    • Both Payard and Alias were brigade-style kitchens—tightly run ships, lots of shouting. “I would get yelled at constantly. I’m not saying that’s the right way to go, but it definitely drives you.”
    • knew that building a resumé when I was younger was very important, no matter what it took. And I knew that working at the best places was only going to make the time spent worthwhile.
    • We built the restaurant from the ground up. We had to find the land and clear it. It’s very questionable land out here—what you actually own and what you don’t and what you’re paying for. You could lose it at any time. That’s why what we did was extremely risky for anybody to do. We wanted to try it out. We didn’t know what we were getting into. Back then, Tulum was very different. It was very cowboy.


      • When was this?
    • Whatever you find beauty in dictates what you are attracted to in cooking.


    • In the beginning, I think so. And then people started to see that what we were doing was good. I’d have hotel owners come in and I’d give them free food. Comping things all the time. I just gave one of my neighbors all my old batteries to use. That would’ve cost, like, $2,000
    • There have been guests who come into the restaurant with armed security guards, or guests who pull up in four Humvees when we’re totally full. They’ll say, “We need a reservation right now.”
    • that what you do is create strength in numbers.
    • Why don’t you give the farmer some money to start his own farm, let him be self-sufficient, and buy from him—maybe at a reduced rate because you gave him some money to buy the farm
    • But every decision that is made in benefit of the whole, someone or a couple people have to absorb the problems that come along with it.
    • . You’re dealing with wet wood when you’re cooking at night if it rains. You’re dealing with crazy things. Monkeys coming in the kitchen.
    • My father-in-law told me before I came down, “You’re going to see that it’s funny what you can accomplish when you have to.”
    • And the biggest thing is remembering that it never can be you by yourself. You have to ask for help from others.
    • It’s just—that’s why hard work was created. You don’t have to focus on all those things if you’re focusing on your work. You have to stop filling your mind with all those bad, negative things that could possibly happen: This could happen, that could happen. That’s inevitable.


  • Do you want me to walk down and ask Charlie? https://t.co/MzOSZryIXG

  • @mikefinger WTF. In calligraphic font.

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