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daily 08/23/2015

    • The Boston Housing Authority requires lease holders to list all residents and to pay their fair share of the rent, because public housing is for needy families whose average income is $14,000 a year. Some 36,000 people are on the waiting list for housing. Police records say Scott is a mason and Steve, 30, is a carpenter.
    • From start to finish, Kingsman jumps from one propaganda message to another, culminating in nothing less than a massive “cleansing” of the world population, a gigantic genocide that would kill everybody except a few chosen elite. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you know that this is the occult elite’s favorite story to tell the masses.


    • It is a symbolic way of saying that, from the ruins and exploitation of weaker civilizations, the occult elite (and its media companies) gain more power.
    • extremely wealthy “eco-terrorist”
    • Arthur received the exalted position of Grand Master of these Knights because he had faithfully accomplished the withdrawal of the sword (spirit) from the anvil of the base metals (his lower nature).
    • This origins story cannot better describe the occult elite. Backed by the incredible fortune of a few elite families, Kingsman operates on a level that is “above” democratically-elected government, and acts in total secrecy (you will notice that, throughout the movie, there is
    • “But he wasn’t exactly one of us, was he?”


    • Being part of the bloodline means that you are above the law.
    • He must however “transform” and be initiated to the elite. Like in occult secret societies, initiation to Kingsman involves an oath of secrecy under the penalty of death. In fact, Kingsman recruits are each given a bodybag to symbolically represent their fate if they break their oath.
    • During his training, Eggsy also learns that the elite does not use media to reveal – but to conceal.


    • Blood sacrifice, which involves the killing of a loved one to prove one’s loyalty, is the ultimate price to pay to enter the occult elite. Eggsy did not go through with it because, mainly, that scene would have outraged viewers (unlike killing Arabs). But the concept is there.
    • Simply put, Valentine is an agent carrying out the elite’s Agenda and
    • Gazelle wears bladed prosthetic legs – the symbol of transhumanism.
    • Notice how Richmond refers to Noah’s Ark to describe what is happening. As I stated in several other articles, the elite loves the story of Noah’s Ark as it also refers to a “cleansing” of humanity (see my articles on the movies 2012, Noah, etc.). Valentine is also comparing himself to God because he started the second “cleansing”.


    • Luckily, Eggsy puts on a suit, combs his hair and kills everybody in Valentine’s lair to save the world.
    • You could totally do this on a real bike! Stationary bikes have the advantage of never putting a hill or a traffic light at an inconvenient time on your interval schedule, though.

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  • @eman14 I’ve been pretty clear throughout that no one knows for sure what was said. No reasonable person reading my tweets thinks otherwise.

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