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daily 08/06/2015

    • Group by section allows you to specify which columns you want to group by when aggregating.
    • The output of the group by operation will include all of the distinct combinations of values from the selected columns.
    • Example 3 – Writing a bunch of formulas


      Humor me with a scenario where you have customer names and you must lookup some corresponding data. Obviously you plan to use VLOOKUP for this. But the lookup table has other plans. Instead of customer name, the lookup table has firstname-initial_of_lastname.  So for Bill Gates, the lookup table lists the name as Bill-G.


      Of course, you can write a complex VLOOKUP. But why bother? Use Flash Fill to do the dirty work for you.


      See below illustration to understand how this works.



      Once the lookups are written, you can use FIND REPLACE (Ctrl+H) to add = at the front.

    • Waterfall charts are ideal for showing how you have arrived at a net value, by breaking down the cumulative effect of positive and negative contributions. This is very helpful for many different scenarios, from visualizing financial statements to navigating data about population, births and deaths.
    • To truly make our Waterfall chart understandable, we want to set subtotals of certain accounts. Subtotals, in this case, denote balances.
    • The Waterfall chart can apply beyond the financial context. The chart is also perfect for highlighting the positive and negative contributions that ultimately derive the net value or outcome of any data. Below is an example of using the waterfall chart to effectively visualize year-over-year population changes by plotting the births and deaths, along with the net growth.
    • The solution was to first connect to the wired connection using my laptop and accepting the agreement via Internet Explorer.
    • Then, on the Xbox, use the alternate MAC capability to give the Xbox the MAC address of your PCs network adapter. Run IPCONFIG /ALL to find the MAC address of your Ethernet adapter on the PC.
    • CinemaCon presentation on Wednesday in a special video message from the set in Georgia. He said it will be the first film ever shot entirely at the 120 frames per second rate, which is aimed at immersing viewers in modern-day military combat that soldiers experience
    • “Billy Lynn” will be co-financed by Jeff Robinov’s Fosun-backed Studio 8, together with Chinese distribution company Bona Film Group and Film 4.

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