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daily 08/01/2015

    • Before he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, George Lucas commissioned 50 (!) teleplays for multiple seasons of a proposed live-action Star Wars TV series, at least some of them scripted by “Battlestar Galactica” mastermind Ronald D. Moore. The project apparently fizzled when no channel would commit the money Lucas felt he needed to produce the scripts.
    • Like the animated “Star Wars Rebels,” Lucas’ live-action series was to be set between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope.” Unlike “Rebels,” Lucas’ live-action series focused on rival Coruscant mobsters vying to control the planet’s drug and prostitution trade.
    • Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy might seem like a joke—a dark, sad performance piece meant to reveal the ugly id of American voters—but the Democratic National Committee is taking the bid seriously. Trump is, after all, leading the current GOP field by an impressive margin.
    • A comprehensive set of time-saving utilities  

        Note: Excel 2007 and above, Excel 32 bit only (Windows 64 bit is okay)  

        For more details and screenshots, download a copy of the AET Excel Utilities Help Files

    • Range_lookup is the fourth and final parameter. You can see that it is surrounded by square brackets which means that it is optional: when you write your VLOOKUP formulas you don’t have to include it.
    • Logical values (also known as boolean values) are TRUE and FALSE: you should use TRUE to indicate an approximate match and FALSE to indicate an exact match.
    • When VLOOKUP is searching this way it will return an exact match if possible, otherwise it will return the next largest value that is less than lookup_value.

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