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daily 07/31/2015

    • “At Copacabana, the AP tests found no violations of fecal coliform counts.”
    • The State of California is considered, as states go, on the leading edge of tight environmental regulations. By state law California beaches and waterways are limited to the following thresholds:

      – Entero Cocci not more than 104 organisms per 100ml;
      – Escherichia Coli not more than 400 organisms per 100ml.

       California does not require testing of waterborn viruses in recreational bodies of water.

    • Entero Cocci not more than 100 organisms per 100ml;
      – Escherichia Coli not more than 250 organisms per 100ml.
    • What about the AP’s contention that Copacabana Beach, while testing inside acceptable limits for bacteria, nevertheless contained “concentrations of the viruses in all tests were roughly equivalent to that seen in raw sewage.”? What were the test levels of viruses for Copacabana Beach? The AP article did not specify. The ITU is confident in the quality of the swim venue. Said Ms. Greene, “We are confident the water is safe. In each of the required tests — 6 months out, 2 months out, 1 week out — the water all came back within global recommended safety standards.
    • The Wells Report revealed that, depending on which of the two sets of measurements were used, one or none of the 11 footballs were as much as 2 PSI under the minimum.
    • We’ll never know, because someone gave Mortensen false information designed to make the Patriots look bad. There’s zero chance that “someone” doesn’t work for the NFL.
    • I call this kid “Sushi” because hes a little raw has some ginger in him but might be pretty good once he gets on a roll.
    • Folks its every kids dream to GoPro but this just isnt how its done.
    • This ladies more Slowis Lane then Superman folks which is ironic because you can tell shes been spending too much time laying out on the Cape. 
    • Theres no “I” in famly
    • UT’s changes to its offense has already had a ripple effect across the entire program without the Longhorns doing anything other than lining up in more spread formations in their spring scrimmage.
    • When you choose to re-adopt the offense that generated the program’s first championship in over 30 years, there is going to be a great deal of buzz.
    • The new local hero is learning a spread system from a coach with connections to the Texas staff and is also essentially receiving extra coaching from Watson in his free time. Even if Watson is unable to keep his job, the benefits of all that coaching and development for both Ehlinger and Texas will be considerable.
    • If you are the flagship program of the state, it makes sense to try and tap into what makes that state strong.

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