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daily 07/02/2015

    • There is, I am told, an ancient Bhutanese maxim concerning authority. “If you are ordered to go kill a man, beat him. If you’re ordered to beat a man, warn him.” It’s supposed to say something about the ordinary Bhutanese mitigating the sometimes capricious whims of their superiors.
    • It’s Tatum’s exploiting of our low expectations that’s been his secret weapon ever since.
    • Nuke School is hard. It’s not so much the course work but the volume of knowledge. The Navy chooses its nuclear officers from all majors. They want good students who can learn, not just engineers. The school is designed to teach even a liberal arts major how a nuclear plant works and to get it all done in one year. Nuclear physics, calculus, chemistry, corrosion, reactor dynamics, thermodynamics, plant operations, abnormal and casualty procedures all in that one year.
    • The nuclear engineer in our class failed out because he couldn’t accept how the Navy designs their plants.
    • It’s more important to know how to learn than anything else.
    • “Your day starts with someone very quietly waking you up. Everyone is on a different schedule so an alarm clock will last about two beeps before it is smashed to bits.
    • When you eat powdered eggs or leftovers for every meal something resembling real food becomes a dream.
    • I remember more than one time someone not getting a watch relief and shitting in a bucket behind the switchboards. One guy must’ve had a weak stomach because he shit his pants on multiple occasions.
    • “Port calls are great even in a country that sucks.
    • In port you still have to stand duty a few times a week, and there are still normal business hours to do work.
    • a real bed and real food are the highest priority and talking about the boat means you’re buying everyone in earshot a drink.
    • Once you’re tied up the pier there are guards armed and ready at all times, even at home.”
    • “Running a submarine reactor plant is kind of like I said earlier about being on a boomer. If it’s not boring, something bad must be happening.
    • Commercial pilots get more radiation from the sun in the cockpit than sailors get on submarines from the reactor.
    • 4. The rack, which is coffin sized, has a three inch deep pan underneath. That is basically the extent of your storage and personal space. I could fit everything I needed for six months in there. My wife loves this because I sleep on a sliver of bed and she can sprawl out.
    • We found a thief. He was off the boat and sent home at the next port call, reduced in rank and out of the sub force.
    • “As far as the race to be the quietest, the AIP platforms are untouchable. I think we never should have stopped making diesel boats. They’re cheaper, smaller, and deathly quiet when the diesels are off. Obviously the diesel gives away the sub easily, but AIP fixes some of that problem. Now we’ve lost that part of our sub force, but I’m glad our allies have maintained it.
    • But a small AIP sub is easier to maneuver around the littorals, and that’s where all the action is these days
    • What we need are more boats. Going back to the AIP topic, we could build more of them for cheaper with the same technology on the forward half of the ship as the Virginia Class.
    • If I’m at a busy bar with a group of people and I’m hosting them (meaning I’ll be placing the orders), I’ll approach the bartender, put a $20 on the counter, and say “Hi I’m tipping you up front bec I can tell you’re busy. We’re sitting over here but I’ll order all our drinks.” Then I place my order. If the bill is higher I add tip when I close out. It’s not really a bribe, it’s more just showing respect to the barkeep and letting them know they’re not gonna get screwed. Sure enough, every time, they’re quicker to help me and happier to do so.

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