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daily 06/27/2015

    • It pushed the industry into the future, but even today they’re only operating at about half the size that they were at the peak of compact discs in 2000. Still, it’s not clear if they’re ever gonna recover. They actually shrunk last year, even with Spotify.
    • Ahlborn bristles at the idea that these people, who donate their time in exchange for stock options, do so only for a bounty further down the road. Instead, Ahlborn points to other open-source projects like Firefox and Android as examples where like-minded individuals come together to build something that they believe in. He also cites companies like Lego and GE that he feels were heading for obscurity until they, too, started to cooperate with the wider community.
    • Ahlborn tells me that, in the US, it’s rare that a public transportation project turns a profit — they frequently need a subsidy from the government. For the public company that HTT will become, it’s a requirement, so there’s a determination to ensure that the business is run properly. Since he will have a captive audience for the better part of 40 minutes, it’s likely that there will be at least one screen displaying adverts inside each pod.
    • What is being fired at 750 miles per hour through a windowless tube going to be like for those of us who feel travel sickness at the start of an engine?
    • The current thinking is that there’ll be a forward-facing screen that projects a virtual image that’ll convince your brain that the motion your body is feeling is genuine.
    • Ahlborn was surprisingly candid about the risks and dangers that could face a system that’s promised to be un-crashable
    • In order for the system to be cost-effective, pods need to be launched every 30 seconds, so you’ll get into a pod ahead of time and be lowered, wholesale, into the tube.
    • So what would happen if someone set off a bomb inside one of the pods? It turns out that the damage would be, comparatively, less extreme than current subway attacks.
    • DJI has cornered the consumer drone market by making its products accessible and easy to use. Despite the “Professional” name, the Phantom 3 is a 4K video drone that’s perfect for the masses. Hobbyist video makers and amateur fliers have an easy choice in the Phantom 3, but we’d love to see it get a facelift and some smarter features.
    • The Phantom 3 streams video direct to your device in 720p/HD from a distance of up to 1.2 miles.
    • After a couple of flights, something interesting becomes apparent. Most people know DJI as a drone company, but it’s also in the camera game (via stabilizers and other rigs, as well as flying cameras)
    • Flying is fairly easy, and fun in and of itself, but getting a great photo or video is so much more rewarding.

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