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daily 06/23/2015

    • Google uses this kind of private-but-shareable URL across a number of services, along with Facebook and other companies.
    • Photos URLs are typically around 40 characters long, so if you wanted to scan all the possible combinations, you’d be have to work through 10^70 different combinations to get the right one, a problem on an astronomical scale.
    • but when a user right-clicks on one of their own images, Photos generates a public URL and places the image there. Essentially, Google has reverse-engineered the right-click.
    • Chartbuilder is the user and export interface. D4 is the default charting framework. Chartbuilder powers all chart creation on Atlas, a charting platform developed by Quartz.
      • What Chartbuilder is not



        • A replacement for Excel

        • A replacement for Google Spreadsheet

        • A data analysis tool

        • A data transformation tool
    • One of the first questions that IT managers ask me when I start to talk to them about improving their ability to tell stories is “why?” This question is actually fairly simple to answer. Storytelling is a skill that allows the teller to explain themselves to others. By doing this, they will also develop a deeper understanding of themselves.
    • When you tell someone a story, you are sharing with them a journey that starts in one place and ends up in another place.
    • The person that you are telling the story to has the ability to see both the beginning and the end of your story. How you get from the start to the finish is the key – you don’t always have to take the most efficient path.
    • Instead, you can take the route that will allow you to cause your audience to change. It is that change that will have meaning the most for your audience.
    • Before you start to share a story with your team, you are going to have to be clear about what your goals are. Goals can range from what the company is trying to accomplish to trying to get your team to work more closely with other departments.
    • What we all need realize is that at the heart of any story that you want your team to remember is going to have to be a human flaw. A mistake that you made, a judgment call that someone made that was wrong, etc. When your team hears this, they’ll start to respond to your story.
  • congratulations to US Open winner Jordan Spieth. First two majors of the year. Catch and release parlayed with a long view. jklivin.

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    My dad might not know much about running, but he has without a doubt been my best coach! #HappyFathersDay http://t.co/lCXNKCNAlD

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