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daily 06/19/2015

    • Let us not forget that player/coach/GM LeBron also traded Wiggins for Love.
    • Patterson once threatened to fire a line of staffers at the practice facility because a trade proposal appeared in The Oregonian. He lined up the secretaries, demanding to know who leaked the deal. He roared, saying he’d fire them all to ensure he got the guilty party. One of the women cried.


      What Patterson never knew, and to this day probably doesn’t care to know, is that the source of the leak was — himself. He’d accidentally left the trade proposal in plain view on a fax machine tray at the practice facility.


      That was Patterson.

    • Notable incidents include the resignation of the women’s tennis coach after Patterson restricted coaches to 30 visits per year to Texas dining halls before incurring a cost of $10 per visit thereafter and the 10,000 Texas fans deciding not to renew their season tickets due to price increases. In fact, an open records request found that almost 60 percent of season-ticket holders experienced a price increase between 25 and 50 percent. All this after years of declining season-ticket sales.
    • Texas has the lowest salaries in the Big 12 for its quality control coaches – even behind last-place football finisher Kansas ($45,000).
    • When TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte asked Patterson at the Texas-TCU football game last November, in front of media members, where Del Conte could find the suite of Dallas real estate mogul Mike A. Myers, whose name is on Texas’ track and soccer stadium, Patterson didn’t know.
    • Given those significant personality limitations and detrimental professional proclivities, perhaps Patterson should be nothing more than a temporary steward of Longhorns athletics through a difficult transition period. With new coaches in place in both of the major sports, that time may be nearing an end unless he can repair all these damaged relationships and make fewer tone-deaf decisions.
    • Timing-wise we’re coming off of Jurassic World being a massive success, a film that doesn’t fully ignore the sequels, but goes out of its way to pretty much take over the throughline from the original and seems to have been hugely rewarded for it. Makes me wonder if that lit a fire under Lucasfilm’s ass a little bit.
    • So nobody seems to think that Game of Thrones season five was a major letdown, per se. The consensus among everyone I’ve talked to is that it was the worst season of the show, thus far, but there were still plenty of standout moments, and lots to admire. (Some people have sworn off the show due to its addiction to sexual violence, however.)
    • It’s more that we’re seeing warning signs: indications that going off the Martin script might not be working entirely for the best in every case. (See: Dorne.)
    • Amazingly, for all the company’s claims about precision sound design, the headphones use freaking off-the-shelf drivers!
    • The federal charges, brought in March after the Bronx District Attorney announced it would not charge Pendergrass with a crime in the incident, allege that Pendergrass violated Echevarria’s 14th-Amendment right to be free from “deliberate indifference to serious medical needs” as a prisoner.

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