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    • Our vision is for Flevy to become a comprehensive knowledge base of premium business documents. All organizations, from startups to large enterprises across all industries, can use Flevy— whether it’s to jumpstart projects, to find reference or comparison materials, or just to learn. If you can’t find what you need, shoot us an email (support@flevy.com).
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    • “Flevy Tools is a must-have for any consultant or anyone who deals constantly with business presentations. I’ve used many similar tools in the past and Flevy Tools is the one I find myself using most often.”
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    • A city in New Hampshire says that its parking enforcement officers have been harassed and kept from doing their duties by a group of “Robin Hoods” who follow the officers around, not only putting coins in expired meters before cars can be ticketed, but videotaping and speaking rudely to them.
    • Apple compiles the JSON scripts to byte code which then rapidly and efficiently filter html for images, cookies, scripts and other content, though the main application is expected to be ads.
    • Why did Crystal Pepsi only last from 1992 to 1993, you ask? Excellent question. The answer is quite simple: it didn’t taste good.
    • Standing up was required in the disciplinary joints, while the more easygoing facilities merely required the movement a man makes by breathing.
    • But for at least four years, the Facebook accounts of incarcerated Americans had a fast track to suspension.


    • The company would then suspend the account—immediately, often with “no questions asked,” reports Dave Maass, an investigative researcher at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), who first wrote about the page.
    • It is as much in Microsoft’s interest to kill of Google as Apple’s, and with Apple leading the way Microsoft has every excuse to implement a similar default ad block in their new Edge browser, for mobile and desktop.


    • “Thank you for providing me with this information. I apologize for the delay in getting these profiles taken down,” a Facebook employee replied. “I have located and removed all five accounts from the site. I apologize again!”
    • This is a big change. As Maass points out, suspending an inmate’s account is a kind of state censorship: A government agency asks Facebook, “hey, can you make this speech go away?” and Facebook says “sure,” without seeing if the inmate was threatening someone or otherwise violating its terms of service. A Facebook spokesman said questions about its role in what critics say is censorship would be better posed to lawmakers.
    • it does not disclose how many American “content restriction requests”
    • This change doesn’t mean either that inmates can now have a Facebook profile in every state. Louisiana, for instance, prohibits prisoners from maintaining an account, and Alabama forbids inmates specifically from having a profile operated by a proxy user (like a friend or family member).
    • Now, I’ve been referring to this thing as a point-and-shoot, but that’s a comparison based more on size and shape than it is on performance; you won’t find another pocketable camera that can shoot with shutter speeds as quick as 1/32,000th of a second.
    • South Carolina treats “one day of operating a Facebook account” as a “level-one offense,” a crime on par with murdering or raping a fellow inmate
    • Prisons don’t seem to be going after any site other than Facebook. That’s what they see inmates on, and that’s what they know how to use.”
    • Myspace stood firm that inmates shouldn’t lose their accounts just because they were inmates.
    • One more ghost, an absconder.
    • “Unless you violate the terms of service or break the law, we don’t step in the middle of free expression,” a Myspace spokesman told USA Today at the time. “There’s a lot on our site we don’t approve of in terms of taste or ideas, but it’s not our role to be censors.”
    • Still, seeing exactly how a bald, sleight-of-hand artist pulled off his card tricks in startlingly crisp slow motion was probably the highlight of my morning.
    • but for the Correctional Officer lifers, it happened often enough to merit a code of its own.
    • Willing to risk equally believable nightmares, the men looking for a real trip inserted a wad of chewing tobacco between the gum and lip, right before going to sleep: The steady drip of nicotine has an effect on the subconscious, which holds sway at night.
    • While scientists are still arguing over the true purpose of dreaming, let’s just agree that the part of our brains responsible for dreamtime is a slow learner.
    • And they only disappeared six months after my release.
    • Furloughs have lost their appeal in most states:
    • Both of these men were marked for life as security problems. A designation as an absconder from Albany’s central office was a cross to bear, and I shared the experience
    • After a year or two, all of the 2,000 faces in any particular prison were familiar, but not these. Their nature was explained to me by the old-timers with derision. Vampires were thought cowardly for avoiding the challenges of prison.
    • In maximum security, my sentence of 12-flat was considered short time. And besides, if you add up the hours spent resting, I did more than three years of my sentence asleep.
    • They follow you, at a lag, even when you fall asleep.
    • I am blessed with an understanding wife. One night, I even put her in a headlock while sleeping.
    • Petra only told me in the morning how I scared her with my dreaming self: She knew that waking a convict requires a serious reason.

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