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daily 06/03/2015

  • Happy #nationalrunningday! Started running regularly a few years ago. One of the best choices I ever made. https://t.co/b0u2N5vE8D

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    • he catch is that you need your phone nearby for them to work — at least for now. That’s because third-party apps currently don’t have access to any of the watch’s built-in sensors (the accelerometer, heart rate monitor, etc.), which means these apps have to rely on the phone to get their data.
    • Even Jesus himself would of been a waste of money if you gave him a gaurenteed 5 year contractat age 28- you have to take into account longevity.
    • I call him Fib Newton because he tries to act like hes so sweet but in realty hes actually just a crummy guy who’ll leave a bad taste in your mouth.
    • He needs to be more concerned about the read-option and less concerned about his stock options.
    • I a player truley believes they’re worth 100 million dollars they should have to be willing to give there owners 100 million dollars too or else its hypocrisy.
    • Not to compare being a dual threat QB to the plight of transexual people in America but Newton cant have it both ways. Caitlyn Jenner was able to transform herself wonderfully, but Newton hasnt been able to stop playing like hes running around in college. Instead of working hard hes hardly working, and expecting a CONtract to fall into his lap. He wants to be on the cover of sports illustrated, but right now it looks more likley he’ll wind up on Vanity UNfair.
    • If Roger Goodell had half the balls Sepp Blatter did he would award the Superbowl to a 2 city rotation of Mystery, Alaska and the Hedonism resort in Negril Jamaca and then grow a Hitler mustache and tell Rachel Nichols to fuck off if she dared ask him about it.

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