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daily 05/29/2015

    • One proposed development includes a hotel, spa, clubhouse, conference center and 16-acre practice ground, as well as 18 to 20 “business development areas” around and inside the golf course. There is talk of saving as many as 13 of the current holes (although redesigned) and adding others across Lake Austin Blvd. It would become a high dollar “resort” course, with green fees well above a municipal course level.
    • While the city council was still deliberating the issue, two young black men walked on to Muny and started to play. Mayor Glass got a call from the course apprising him of the situation. Glass, who was not planning to run for reelection, called Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Drake to inform him of the situation – and how he planned to deal with it.



      “They never did bother me and that old golf course is pretty big open space out there and I don’t see why it ought to bother anybody and I’m for leaving them alone and not even calling the newspaper and see what happens.”



      A majority of the council agreed, and a motion was eventually passed. With a simple “let them play” Muny became the first desegregated public golf course in the South.


      No open protest. No confrontations.


      Just “let them play.”

    • There is a small scar on the underside of my right forearm. It’s not as obvious as it used to be, as it has been there for 50 years. One afternoon after finishing the day at O’Henry Jr. High, I headed across the street to Muny to get in a quick 9.  Jumping the fence along #17, I reached out to balance my fall – and snagged my forearm on the top of the fence. A quick check of the risk/reward factors validated my decision to play 9 holes and explain the bloody shirt and pants to my mother later.
    • That trio eventually formed the Austin Junior Golf Academy, which still hosts over 400 kids a year at the Hancock golf course, teaching all facets of the game from full swings all the way to rules and etiquette.
    • After he and Penick won the match, Hogan commented about Muny, “It’s so good, it makes you think you’re not in Texas.”
    • The two candidates left running are the Swiss Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, who has been FIFA’s president since his first election in 1998, and the Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, the current Vice President of FIFA for Asia.
    • Basically, Blatter’s power is based around a strategy of support from the tiny soccer nations. He doesn’t even need to outright bribe countries like Saint Lucia or Timor-Leste—yes, those are two of FIFA’s member associations—but merely steer a couple hundred thousand dollars earmarked for “youth soccer development” or the like to those countries’s football associations. That is much simpler than convincing Germany and England to vote for you.
    • What followed was essentially a game of who can bribe better. While in Morocco, a representative of the Moroccan bid committee offered Warner $1 million. But multiple people were prepared for “the government of South Africa to pay $10 million” to the Caribbean Football Union to “support the African diaspora.” It was understood the money was for Warner and two others voting for South Africa. They did.
    • Not that I’ve seen, which is a shame. The focus of the indictment seems to be these middle-men “marketing companies” that basically resell the rights after acquiring them from the various soccer governing bodies.


      I do wonder how much of this happened naturally versus how much was by design—it’s a great way for the companies to keep their hands clean. The nasty act of bribing has, essentially, been outsourced.

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    • ’ As they said in War of the Roses, there are only degrees of losing, and fighting with a random stranger on Instagram—you’ve got a movie, it opens, you spend two years on it, it doesn’t work, people torture you.”
    • On the L.A. private-school boondoggle: “It’s just brutal. I’m in this system I never thought I’d be in. I gotta donate money, I gotta fuckin’ … I spend more time on the school shit than with Entourage. Can we get this? Can we get that? I fuckin’ hate the whole system, because it’s disgusting.”
    • One of the forms [of acting] that I did was commedia dell’arte,” he tells me, “which is an Italian form where you’re in one of four states—happiness, sadness, anger, or fear—at all times, and you’re ramped up to a 10, you know?”
    • He’s right. The Sopranos definitely wouldn’t get that question. And Entourage was an acclaimed show. In fact, it remains one of the highest-rated comedies in HBO history.
    • “If people mistake you for Ari in real life,” I say to him, “it’s a sign that you’ve done your job well!”


      “I guess there is some sort of compliment in there,” he replies. “I really wish I was evolved enough to get it.”

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