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daily 04/17/2015

    • The character debuted in 1964, officially credited to Stan Lee and Bill Everett, but Daredevil will always be the spiritual property of writer and illustrator Frank Miller, whose early-1980s run on the title is a landmark in Marvel’s storied history.
    • We learn Daredevil’s origin story in fragmentary pieces as opposed to a prologue-ish information dump, and over a third of the way through the season our hero has yet to acquire his red suit and clubs. (They’re surely coming, but even a perfunctory nod to realism is a thoughtful touch.)
    • D’Onofrio’s Fisk is an inscrutable mass of corked violence who speaks in a halting lilt that carries no small touch of the tormented introspection that haunts the show’s protagonist.
    • its imagining of contemporary Hell’s Kitchen as a hardscrabble multiethnic enclave is bound to shock the neighborhood’s many luxury condo owners.
    • Fans were so enraged by the blithe wrecking of Metropolis that director Zack Snyder is rumored to have incorporated that sentiment into his sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where the heavy toll of Superman’s fight is used against him.
    • With Ultron, said Whedon, the filmmaker wanted to “get back to what’s important, which is that the people you’re trying to protect are people.
    • “Exactly,” said Whedon. “What a hero does is not just beat up the bad guy—a hero saves the people.”
    • The government should direct employers to offer only mutual funds that do not own a significant number of shares of more than one firm in a specific industry.
    • Back then, economists argued that firms can reduce competition in markets by buying up the firms that operate within them.
    • Although we think of airlines as independent companies, they are actually mostly owned by a small group of institutional investors.
    • The authors show that airline prices are 3 percent to 11 percent higher than they would be if common ownership did not exist. That is money that goes from the pockets of consumers to the pockets of investors.
    • If a mutual fund owns shares of United and Delta, and United and Delta are the only competitors on certain routes, then the mutual fund benefits if United and Delta refrain from price competition.
    • Institutional investors can also get the outcomes they want by structuring the compensation of managers in subtle ways.
    • Baseball players become free agents after they have six years of major league service time. A year of service time is considered to be 172 days spent on a major league roster, and there are 183 days in the baseball season. By keeping Bryant in the minors for just under two weeks, the Cubs have assured that in six years, Bryant will be juuuuuust under six full years of service time, delaying his free agency by a whole year.

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