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    • The best available statistics, says Anderson, indicate that about 50% of all companies operating in North America use a contract sales force in some capacity, whether for a piece of their product line, a certain geographic region or a particular application.
    • In their research into business to business markets, Anderson and Lodish have studied how outside agencies allocate their time to their various manufacturer clients, i.e. which manufacturers received more of the sales reps’ time and which received less. The key, it turns out, is “optimal allocation.”
    • “The better your lead generation is, the less dependent you are on the quality of your salespeople and sales process,” he says.
    • You can terminate the sqlite3 program by typing your systems End-Of-File character (usually a Control-D). Use the interrupt character (usually a Control-C) to stop a long-running SQL statement.
    • Most of the time, sqlite3 just reads lines of input and passes them on to the SQLite library for execution. But if an input line begins with a dot (“.”), then that line is intercepted and interpreted by the sqlite3 program itself. These “dot commands” are typically used to change the output format of queries, or to execute certain prepackaged query statements. 


      • You track various metrics to understand how your business is doing, but are they even the right metrics? If you’re not looking at the correct data, your company will be losing millions of dollars without even knowing it.


        Hundreds of companies, including Optimizely and Prezi, use Chartio to help them identify meaningful metrics, develop actionable insights, and drive company-wide action. The end result? Lower churn rates, increased customer acquisition, and higher ROI.



        Join us April 14th for our webinar where we will discuss: 


        • What cohort metrics you should be tracking and why.

        • How to confidently build and read cohort analyses.

        • How to turn analysis into actionable goals across the entire company.


        Register free here – seats are limited.

    • In some areas of the world Windows Phone, especially Microsoft Lumia devices, are doing very well and in some situations surpassing these other two platforms. The main reason for that though is not high end devices but the steady stream of budget Lumia’s that are hitting those markets
    • Describe your background/history-where are you from?
       I’m from the streets. (By streets, I mean suburban Minnesota, which has many lovely streets)
    • I like to cook because I like eating WHILE I cook. Also, cooking is an easy way for me to avoid dealing with the kids and still look like I contributed something to the household. I cook for my family every day: risotto, braised chicken, chimichurri sauces, everything. My kids won’t eat any of it because they lack refined palates and are ungrateful little bastards. But my wife is down with it.
    • Do you cook professionally? If so, where, and in what capacity?
       I do not cook professionally. I may not have the “education” or the “knowledge” of “actual” chefs. But what I lack in formal education, I make up for in SOUL. That’s what every amateur cook says right before they get chopped, right? That they have soul? I have a shitload of soul.
    • If you are not a professional chef, list any goals past or present regarding cooking professionally.
       I have but one goal: To go on “Chopped,” win the $10,000, get Frietag to smile a devilish smile at me, and then retire UNDEFEATED. Once I serve you a title-winning olive panna cotta with rosemary caramel, I’m OUT.
    • What inspired you to start cooking? Where did your interest in food begin?
       My mom was a huge influence on me as a chef. She used to let me cook with her when I was a kid, and that was how I learned to make eggs and pasta and cookies and all sorts of tasty things. If I go on “Chopped,” I will definitely talk about her on camera and cry, so that the audience and I form an emotional bond that can never be broken. I’ll also mention any relatives of mine that are now dead.
    • Describe your cooking style, ingredients you love and any specialty dishes.
       My cooking style can be best described as SEXYLOVESAUCE. When you eat my food, you feel sexy and saucy. And you feel loved. SEXYLOVESAUCE. I love BOLD FLAVORS, because chefs who don’t like bold flavors are pussies. My favorite ingredients are HARD WORK and FIERCE SCRAPPITUDE. And Adobo. Adobo kicks ass.
    • Discuss some of the results/rewards of your cooking, the ways your culinary work has touched others.
       Dude, you have NINETEEN essay questions on this application. Are you shitting me? This isn’t Harvard Law School. I’m not gonna give you some flowery bullshit about my food touching the soul of others. I’m here to MAKE LOVE TO YOUR TONGUE. That’s it.
    • How would your friends/family describe you?
       “We don’t really talk about Drew in public. He tends to alarm people.”
    • In ONE sentence, tell us why the Food Network needs YOU on a special episode of Chopped:
       Because I’m sexy like Freitag, mean like Zakarian, and hairy like Conant.
    • Pero Antic and Thabo Sefalosha of the Atlanta Hawks were both arrested at the scene for interfering with police who were attempting to set up a crime scene.
    • Nathan Baden, the owner of Pearl River’s retail space at 477 Broadway, claims that he is still negotiating with the store about its expiring lease. “They might end up staying on another floor,” he said. Ms Chen said she is scouting for smaller brick-and-mortar locations farther south of Canal Street, where rents are around $80 a square foot for ground-floor space. A relocation would also mean downsizing the breadth of Pearl River’s product mix from its current roster of more than 17,000 chic and exotic items.
    • As retailers have been pushed out of the northern end of Broadway—where rents hover around $830 a square foot, up 9% from fall 2013, according to the Real Estate Board of New York—many stores have moved south of Broome Street, which has caused rents there to rise as well.
    • Some retailers that previously would have looked at SoHo are now looking to more unique areas such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or the Bowery, said Robin Abrams, executive vice president at the Lansco Corp.
    • s a city full of local businesses a hippie pipe dream? I tell you, my people: thanks to the magic of local zoning ordinances, it is not! Consider, for example, the law currently being pushed by the mayor of Jersey City. From the Wall Street Journal:
    • Jersey City, home base of 25 year-old junior finance bros, is hardly Berkeley.
    • over time, and with a few notable exceptions, it will always become harder and harder for local businesses to compete with chain stores, which have vast corporate backing and can often make more attractive offers to landlords than a local can.
    • In a time when the economy is strong and there is a decent supply of locals who want to run businesses in your downtown, keeping out chain stores is a public service.
    • People call these “linking” tables “relations”, but very pedantic people with no lives call all tables “relations” and enjoy confusing people who just want to get their jobs done.

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