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    • The Spike is a useful feature if you need to quickly and easily rearrange a document by moving non-contiguous text and images or create a new document from pieces of another document.

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    • Those are golden days. The missing element in a lot of Sherlock Holmes adaptations is allowing it to be funny. There’s a lot of humor in Sherlock Holmes, and it’s ignored in a lot of adaptations
    • Is it more serialized than previous seasons?  
       Probably. A lot of serialization is latent, isn’t it? It’s hidden. Series 3 doesn’t look very serialized, but you look back at how much we’re setting up Mary [Amanda Abbington] to be who she turns out to be. It will be three stand-alone films, 90 minutes each, and an ongoing mystery, as there sort of always is.
    • . A long time ago—and Netflix muddied the water even further—we lost the ability to know how many people watch a TV show.
    • One of DocFetcher’s outstanding features is that it is available as a portable version which allows you to create a portable document repository — a fully indexed and fully searchable repository of all your important documents that you can freely move around.
    • Additionally, DocFetcher is capable of automatically updating its indexes: (1) When it’s running, it detects changed files and updates its indexes accordingly. (2) When it isn’t running, a small daemon in the background will detect changes and keep a list of indexes to be updated; DocFetcher will then update those indexes the next time it is started. And don’t you worry about the daemon: It has really low CPU usage and memory footprint, since it does nothing except noting which folders have changed, and leaves the more expensive index updates to DocFetcher.
  • @PFTCommenter hot bio takes http://t.co/naNSnjS5LH

    • But what I’m most certain of is that Smart has no idea what he’d be signing on for when it comes to working for University of Texas athletic director Steve Patterson.
    • I’m certain he’s a sucker if he takes the job. Because the hope here is that Smart is wise enough to weed through the salesmanship from Patterson and do some research on the guy who engineered the least productive era of NBA basketball in Portland.
    • His draft picks were bad (selecting Martell Webster instead of Chris Paul in the 2005 NBA Draft, for example). His grandstanding, including the time Patterson announced he couldn’t trade Damon Stoudamire for a folding chair, grew tired. But it was the undermining of employees, the fostering of mistrust in the halls of the organization that led to his departure in 2007.
    • “You know, a couple people had mentioned to me that TJ Ford is kind of a pied piper among the former players here at Texas,” Smart said on Longhorn Network Friday night. “Sometimes people say that and it may or may not be true, but it’s definitely true in this place. There’s a reason why he led that team to the Final Four beyond his talent. He has something about him as a communicator and a leader that is extremely unique.
    • Ford also encouraged Smart to reach out to a handful of other former players, including LaMarcus Aldridge, Royal Ivey, and Kevin Durant. As soon as Smart called those players, they had already just gotten off the phone with Ford. Like the good former point guard that he is, Ford set up Smart for the easy bucket with those former stars.
    • Q&A in Power BI Preview





      Use Q&A to explore your Excel data using intuitive, natural language capabilities and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs. Q&A is different from a search engine — Q&A only provides results about the data in Power BI Preview.
      • Questions to ask for Salesforce

        For Salesforce data, here’s the best list of questions:
        • Which account has the highest opportunity
        • Opportunities by month
        • Who generated the most opportunities
        • Lost opportunities
        • Opportunity amounts by stage
        • Closed sales by month

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