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    • According to her story, Weinstein told her that if she wanted to act, she should come to his office—at which point he proposed a threesome between the two of them and Olivia Wilde. (The model declined both the threesome and the meeting, and, fearing retribution from the famously vindictive Weinstein, has so far declined to go on the record with the story.)
    • People in the film industry, she said, understand Weinstein’s M.O. to be the following: he holds “casting sessions” at his office on Friday evenings when he can be alone, and that he greets women in his bathrobe.
    • Though neither the Times nor its police source is explicit about it, the situation being described here appears to be an informal “casting” session between Weinstein and Battilana, with the producer inviting the model over to his office to size, and feel, her up in private. A Daily News report that police set up a phone call between Battilana and Weinstein in which the producer did not refute the accusations would seem to indicate that the characterization provided by the Times is indeed true.
    • So she’s gone back to the major player who tried to make it happen for her the first time. There was an arrangement back then – her sexual services for his professional services – and apparently the same arrangement was resurrected recently in the hopes that she’ll finally confirm a juicy role to kickstart a stagnant career
    • In the comments of that post, Weinstein is a nearly unanimous guess as the “major player” in that story, and Gretchen Mol, onetime cover star of Vanity Far, as the initial starlet.
    • Most obviously, at least as of 2007, they are clothed exclusively in Marchesa on the red carpet (the fashion line of Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman).
    • Such sequences – and the set pieces the Thunderbirds race into – are blocked to provide an impressive sense of James Bondian scale, but these movements never becomes too big, or  distractingly grandiose. In any cinematic or televised action tale, there’s a tenuous balance between narrative immediacy and overblown spectacle – TAG walks this tightrope quite nicely.
    • “I’m going to hope you can get an academic scholarship or something, and get Mom pregnant again and see if we can’t shake a starting tackle out of these genes.”
    • The best part about Charlie Strong is he’ll just straight-up tell his current roster this, make them sweat blood for his affection, and somehow come out in November with a team playing eight or nine percentage points better than their theoretical max. Good morning. You’re clearly lacking, and Charlie Strong just wants you to know we’re all just going to have to work with that today. IT’S LIKE HE’S TALKING TO US ALL, MAN.
    • “Statistics are like a bikini. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” ~ Aaron Levenstein
    • ReadWrite is a tech news powerhouse that boasts a robust editorial calendar and publishes a steady stream of content advancing the discussion in tech. In exciting news of their own, they were recently acquired by Wearable World, a conference organizer and startup incubator for all things wearable technology.
    • However, I think he may have also understood that those type of decisions were going to have an impact with his “Donor Base” and negatively effect the revenue streams for the athletic department as they currently were. With that in mind, he probably envisioned that he was going to have to be creative in developing additional revenue streams.
    • This. No matter what this bunch of $#@!s (including me) or anyone else says about Patterson, you can bet Shaka will call Coach Strong for a legitimate perspective of working with Patterson.
    • By some accounts, Patterson has no relationship with anyone in the athletic department, coaches included. Most any that the aloofness he is with fans is the same with coaches and school administrators too.
    • And McRaven is very much a “designate, evaluate, and get the $#@! outta the way” kind of leader.
    • If we go with Avery or Lucas, we should just fire Patterson on general principle.
    • This is where Steve-O’s salesmanship has to play up to Shaka, and be real not fake. My CONCERN is that he will come off as fake and that can scare off, not just Shaka, but anyone.
    • Similar to many secret societies, O.T.O. membership is based on an initiatory system with a series of degree ceremonies that use ritual drama to establish fraternal bonds and impart spiritual and philosophical teachings
    • John Travolta and Tom Cruise are the two biggest stars associated with Scientology. Coincidentally enough, they both became extremely weird as the years went by.
    • The first superstar spokesman of Scientology was John Travolta. He was assigned a contact named Spanky Taylor with whom he became close. Things however got sour when she was sent to a Scientology “prison camp”.
    • Taylor is interviewed at length for “Going Clear,” and she recalls the incredible confidence boost that Travolta got from the church — and he was afraid if he stopped going, his career success would stop as well. He was church’s first superstar spokesman.
    • But things took a dark turn when Taylor was sent to the “Rehabilitation Project Force,” she says, a “prison camp” for members who criticize the church. (It’s billed as a place to go when members get “stressed.”
    • The documentary highlights the main reason why Scientology stars never speak out against the church : They have to go through an ‘audit’.
    • Former Scientology officials, including former spokesman Marty Rathbun, say that every “audit” (where a Scientology member is forced to reveal their deepest, most intimate secrets and fears on the way to attain spiritual and mental clarity) is recorded and filmed. Not to mention the “auditors” take pages of notes. So, when word had it that Travolta was threatening to leave, all the officials had do was go through all the notes from the auditing sessions to find secrets that Travolta had spilled and may not want getting out into the public.
    • “I know this because I used to do it when I was the head of the office of special affairs,” said former official Mike Rinder. “By exposing [these secrets]or threatening to expose them, they will cower the person into silence.”
    • It should be noted that several powerful secret societies use the same techniques to keep their members silent. During the initiation process of the notorious Skull and Bones, candidates are asked to yell out their deepest secrets (especially sexual) as they lye in coffin. This information is then used for blackmail threats.
    • Rathbun says that not only did he have to deliver reports from his audit sessions with Cruise, but that Miscavige hired private investigators to look into Kidman for any other damaging information. They also tapped her phone when Cruise mentioned he was curious about her phone conversations (Cruise’s lawyer denies this). The film also alleges that Miscavige helped drive a wedge between Kidman and her and Cruise’s two adopted children, turning them against their mother.
    • Former Scientology member and filmmaker Paul Haggis, also interviewed for the film, said Boniadi faced punishment (cleaning out the public bathrooms with a toothbrush) for telling a friend about her heartbreak over the break-up.
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