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daily 04/01/2015

    • A better metric is lifetime value
    • For targeting purposes, perhaps the company within a specific SIC code in which the firm has unique expertise, that has a geographic footprint similar to the law firm’s, and with needs spanning several practice areas, is a more appealing prospect than the Fortune 50 or FTSE 100 corporation which just happens to have a large facility nearby.
    • Of the clients and targets identified, which best fit the model of the ideal client? 
    • Furthermore, which of these clients are in growth industries and are on a solid financial footing?
    • The data points one selects will vary by firm.  And they’ll vary from year to year.  The “ideal” client is a moving target, of course, but it’s far more beneficial to pursue ideal clients and targets than to assume the highest revenue producing clients from last year, or the biggest companies in town with whom we don’t already have a working relationship, are the best opportunities for us.
    • As to the game getting called early, I’m going to take that up with the league.. I believe the priority should be to play maximum innings under the rules, rather than determine a probable winner and then all bets are off.  Why should we not play as long as possible?  Enjoyment of the game is not promoted by quitting early, and getting better is not promoted by quitting early.  I think if a team wants to quit they should be required to march out onto the field with a white flag.  If anyone knows of an actual rule that would have ended the game last night, please stop me before I say anything stupid.. (Shields)?


    • Our funnel report can help identify major roadblocks to conversion
    • Before we get into it, we need to be clear that Onnit is not a customer of KISSmetrics, and all the data you’ll see is hypothetical. We wrote this article to show how Onnit and companies like it can use KISSmetrics.
    • Visited Site can occur on any page of the website, not just the homepage.
    • Once visitors add a product to their cart, they have the intention to buy. Since only 13% of the people who put a product in their cart end up purchasing, we see this as a major roadblock that needs improvement.
    • An under quilt is almost a requirement. To each their own, but 9 times out of 10, I’m taking my hammock set up.
    • I think your most salient complaint is about cold. Hammocks are terrible for use in cold weather climates
    • And if you don’t have a mosquito net for your hammock, you can burn a green mosquito coil under your hammock and it works just as well. If there is any consistent breeze blowing, you don’t even need that: tropical mosquitoes in my experience can’t fly in any significant breeze.
    • Yeah, I’m baffled that people wouldn’t figure out that the perfect climate for a hammock tends to be warm.
    • In a camping hammock, the idea is to hang it loose so when you lay across it at that 30 degree angle, you achieve a sleeping surface that’s as flat as possible, with even pressure across your whole body. Of course, what the hammock industry glosses over is that your head and feet are always going to be a little raised and your butt a little sunk.
    • Any sleeping bag is subject to compression when you’re sleeping in it. That’s why you need an insulated sleeping pad. Sleep on the ground and you’re subject to conductive heat loss due to contact with the colder ground. Sleep in a hammock and you’re subject to convective heat loss due to airflow.
    • So, in order to go camping in a hammock, you’ll need the hammock. But, you’re also going to need a bug net to avoid being eaten alive, a tarp to stay dry, straps to hang the hammock from and an under quilt to keep you warm, even in mild weather.

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