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daily 03/26/2015

    • before strolling away from the disturbing scene like a boss with her head held high.
    • “The guy is pulling on my car handle. I said, ʼDonʼt touch my car. Itʼs a brand new car.ʼ I didnʼt want it scratched,” Kendall Rae Talbot said. “He kept saying, ʼThis is my ride home. My boys are in there,ʼ and pulling on the handle.
    • On the other hand, a consultant’s job lasts only a set period of time, and after that, they’re off looking for work again, navigating the grinding process of networking, sending out resumes and going to interviews.
    • If that wasn’t enough, consultants must manage their own taxes and pay their own health insurance, fund their 401(k) and handle a dozen other details that employers usually cover for full-time staff
    • “Web development is a different arena from traditional IT positions like project management, business analysis or QA.”
    • Kotlinski recommended putting a single sentence or note after the company name, e.g. “J. Robinson, Inc., an international investment firm,” which might trigger a match with a vertical market; a recruiter searching via keywords related to investment or funding is more likely to bring up a resume coded in that fashion.
    • She suggested that candidates focus their efforts on the very beginning of the requirements list, as the most relevant skills tend to be at the top of the description.
    • While a chronological resume is still very valuable in highlighting duties, responsibilities and technical proficiencies, it’s critical to tie in your experiences to specific roles. “Highlight the work you’ve done on cross functional and project teams, as this can often pull in the qualities a hiring manager is looking for in a role that touches on many elements,”
    • focus on the achievements made with the skills they have
    • align your talents with what the organization is trying to accomplish
    • If you’re inexperienced with a particular technology, highlight your work with a competing product. If you don’t know Red Hat Linux but have worked extensively with Ubuntu, you can stress the commonalities between the job spec and your closely related experience.
    • Let’s say your experience doesn’t exactly fit the job requirements, but you think your skill set nonetheless makes you a strong candidate. There are ways to pass the initial resume screening, which is largely based on keyword matching, without resorting to lies; for example, phrasing your experience as, “While the position calls for X, my decade of developing Y is closely applicable to the position because…”
    • Frey suggested, “and being able to develop professional relationships with IT teams may encourage employers to consider you for open roles based on the rapport you have built.”
    • Attend user groups or even share your knowledge by speaking,” Schweiss said. “This will help you build a reputation that precedes you as someone who is knowledgeable in the field. It might help get a foot in the door.
    • When authorities tried to talk to Hernandez, police said he “invoked his right to counsel.”
    • If air marshals are meant to protect our noble American way of life, there’s no better way than by living the American dream: being paid to fuck around in a padded chair and take naps after cheating on your spouse in a hotel room.

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