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daily 03/14/2015

    • I experience brief blackouts when I see the team attempting to RUN CLOCK with a four point lead and nine minutes left in a game.
    • We will get into the tournament.  11 seed.  Last four in.  We will lose a competitive, heart-breaking game.  Played in the 60s.  We will shoot 39.7% from the floor.  Nine blocked shots.  And I’ll still be watching.  Even though I’ve seen it before.
    • Even after these revelations, after it was confirmed that the driver was not a terrorist and had not been armed, CNN did not dial down the fear and panic. Instead, many of its on-air personalities continued to play to their viewers’ anxiety—and applaud the actions of the police. Dana Bash, CNN’s chief congressional correspondent, told viewers that the Capitol Police “got a standing ovation on the House floor, and they deserved that and much, much more.”
    • Have cops reached out to you to tell u it was Miriam. We want to respect your family and don’t want to report anything until police speak with you. Please let me know.”
    • The operator asked, “Why are they trying to videotape you?”


      “Because they’ve been stalking me for the past several months.”


      “And why are they stalking you?”


      “I don’t know. I mean they have special interests and items…

    • When an officer asked her why, she said “it was because Stamford and the state of Connecticut is on a security lock down,”
    • A tourist from Oregon who saw Miriam’s Infiniti enter the White House checkpoint did later tell a reporter that “the Secret Service guy was just having a cow,” that he was “yelling at her and banging on the car.” A surveillance photo, released by the US Attorney in DC, shows Miriam’s Infiniti knocking into the off-duty officer, in his shorts and holding a cooler, as he jams the metal barricade into her car. Maybe Miriam didn’t realize he was a cop, notes Valerie. “His actions were very aggressive,” she says. “Where in your police training does it state to take a metal barricade and block a moving vehicle? I’m sure it doesn’t.” Analyzing the car-chase video, Valarie says, “What I saw was that my sister was afraid, and she was trying to get away, because there was something in her mind that that guy said to her that incited her to flee.”
    • its viewers, who are now adults who can’t afford basic cable but still manage to bum their family’s Netflix login.
    • Shopping! It’s Times Square. Where New Yorkers shop!”)
  • Now, if RB gets to the Sweet 16, that would make him pretty safe. But if you’re a Texas fan, how can you root against that?

  • Underwood’s meat n three. Brownwood #texas https://t.co/HZ5EwzkowH

    tags: texas

    • Hermle relied on that easy rapport with the courtroom when she began slicing up Pao’s testimony on Tuesday afternoon. She had one goal: convince the jury that a highly educated woman running a massively popular site like Reddit is amateurish and amoral without coming off like a bully.
    • remaining defiant against Hermle’s rhetorical tricks like ending questions with an accusatory “didn’t you Ms. Pao?” or adding a deferential “Thank you for correcting me, Ms. Pao,” every time the plaintiff pointed out something she didn’t know.
    • But at each turn, Hermle countered, never missing a chance to point out an email that didn’t ask for a copy of Kleiner’s policy. Hermle stressed that Pao had “a very close relationship with John Doerr.” If she wanted help, she could have asked.
    • The only way I could ruin your childhood is if I got into a time machine and went back and made you an orphan.’

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