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daily 03/05/2015

  • “If you guys don’t fess up, we’re gonna put all of this on you” — things innocent people get told in #HomanSquare http://t.co/b2d3VDfxSz

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  • New pet peeve: “Mobile-responsive” email design that just makes everything huge. Sure, it makes one-column easy. But… really?


      Players whose contracts expire will become free agents, allowed to negotiate with any team in the league, provided they are 28 or older and have played in the MLS for at least eight seasons.

    • The only real leverage veteran players had was to threaten to play abroad; now they can at least marginally play competing MLS teams against each other.
    • “Players are disappointed and upset with the union reps and Bob Foose,” the player said, referring to the MLS Players Union executive director. “Not only did this deal destroy the future of the American player, it barely helps the current group of players.”
    • Even if you accept that the players didn’t have the necessary power to force a major change to MLS’s business model, the monetary gains they won are pretty miniscule. Less than a year ago the league signed a new television deal which increased annual television revenue from $18 million to $90 million, an increase of 500%. Yet even with this torrent of new money flowing into the league, the salary cap only increased by 15%.
    • Just off name alone his familys been connected to a string of murders stretching up and down the Appalachians going back all the way to the late 1800s. Major red flag.
    • Somehow Im not suprised that the city of Philadelphia uses the word “college” as a insult.
    • Three years later, the finance director wrote to the city manager, saying that he had asked “the Chief if he thought the PD could deliver 10% increase. He indicated they could try.”
    • In early 2013, according to one account in the report, a patrol sergeant saw a black man talk briefly to someone in a truck and walk away. The sergeant suspected some type of criminal activity and questioned the man. When the man refused to submit to a frisk, the sergeant shocked him with a Taser repeatedly, at one point for 20 continuous seconds. In the end, the man was charged with “failure to comply” and “resisting arrest,” the report said, “but no independent criminal violation.”
    • One black woman, who was cited for a permit violation after she had called police for help on a domestic disturbance, declared that she would not call the Ferguson police ever again, “even if she is being killed.”
    • When people refused to comply with — or even questioned — unconstitutional orders, police sometimes responded with force. Stun guns, for example, were commonly used even when officers were not threatened. “Supervisors seem to believe that any level of resistance justifies any level of force,” the report found.
    • “One veteran officer told us he will put out a wanted ‘if I do not have enough probable cause to arrest you,’ ” the Justice Department wrote.
    • In his statement, Mr. Knowles said that one police official was fired for sending racist emails and two others were under investigation after city officials were told about the emails by the Justice Department.

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