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daily 03/04/2015

    • “I don’t look at myself as a competitor to Netflix,” explains League. “I think that argument is a little bit of a red herring. I watch a lot of movies at home, but there comes a time where I want to get out of the house. I look at cinemas as one of those options that compete with restaurants or baseball games or all of those things I can’t do in my living room.”
    • According to a sales document obtained by 9to5Mac, retail store employees should use customers’ interest in the Apple Watch as a way to get them to upgrade their iPhones to newer, compatible models. Even if they’re not intent on leaving the store with an Apple Watch, employees are told to “encourage customers who don’t use iPhone to switch now so they’re ready for Apple Watch later.”
    • Two Daily News reporters, Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman, spent 10 months taking statements and hunting down proof — and finally found a shopkeeper with footage of cops clipping his security cameras.
    • Busted) that’s currently in production as a TV series. “But the thing that really bothered us was, nothing changed. These cops, and the rest of the department, went on with their lives as usual.”
    • You’re almost there now, so close you can taste the street. Your conviction’s been thrown out.
    • In any other city, you’d be promptly released by the district attorney to begin the numbing task of building a life.
    • Anthony Wright, whom this city tried its damnedest to destroy, is a man of patience and implacable peace. No police force on Earth could bend his will now.
    • “It’s just, you fight and you fight, man. . . . I wrote 10 letters a day, seven days a week, to anyone I thought might give a damn — and then the day comes that I prayed and prayed on, and now I can’t even get it out. . . . ”
    • Three out of five people in jail have not been convicted of any crime and are simply too poor to post even low bail to get out while their cases are being processed.
    • Nearly 75% of both pretrial detainees and sentenced offenders are in jail for nonviolent traffic, property, drug, or public order offenses.
    • We can solve hard problems at a local level. Kentucky has a statewide agency that uses a locally validated risk assessment instrument to screen all defendants, which has allowed the courts to release 70%of all defendants pretrial, with only 4%requiring bail. Just 8% of defendants released without bail were rearrested during the pretrial period, and only 10% missed a court date.
    • We are aware of customers who have customized their vehicles with after-market parts that may compromise driver safety,” the company reports. “For example, some customers have installed seats that elevate the driver such that airbag and other safety systems could be compromised. Other customers have changed wheels and tires, while others have installed large speaker systems that may impact the electrical systems of the vehicle. We have not tested, nor do we endorse, such changes or products.”

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