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daily 02/15/2015

  • All I’ve done today is tweet photos of Guy Fieri and the “I.P.A.” video, I will take my MacArthur Grant money in XBox Live credits

    • Because tonight’s game is starting late, Keh’s editors have asked him to file a story before the first jump shot, so he’s in the locker room hoping to talk to Tyson Chandler, the former Knick returning to face his old team.
    • We’re trying to separate ourselves from every beat reporter who covers every groin strain,” he says.
    • The woman agreed to the interview on the condition that Keh complete the Times crossword puzzle with her, which he did.
    • It’s both the slowest and the fastest part of the Times operation—a place where Dicke can spend a substantial portion of the evening considering a single word while Dremeaux makes decisions in seconds.
    • Every article on every page appears highlighted in blocks of green, yellow, and red, signifying varying stages of completion and, thus, increasing levels of threat to Dicke’s deadline.
    • Colorful Rogues Make Way for National Issues.”
    • (They get paid 50 cents per paper.)
    • Data Analyst/Data Scientist: Responsible for analyzing data from multiple disparate sources to discover previously hidden insight, determine meaning behind the data and make business-specific recommendations.
    • Data Mining/Business Intelligence (BI) Specialist: Specializes in dissecting, analyzing and reporting on important data streams, such as customer data, supply chain data, transaction data and histories, and others.

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