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daily 02/06/2015

    • About this Add-on



      – display list tabs to the left
      – drag-and-drop list re-ordering
      – drag-and-drop move tasks between lists
      – display tasks count
      – resizable task list
      – hide useless lists (available through Settings -> Lists)
      – unique URL for lists and tasks
      – configurations section is on the Remember the Milk Settings
      page, under the A Bit Better RTM tab

      – “Shift + j / k” – switch between lists (Shift + o – open selected list)
      – “Ctrl + g” – Go to list. Displays a popup for selecting a list to go to.
      – “Ctrl + m” – Move to list. Displays a popup for selecting a list to move tasks to.
      – “q” – quick add list
      – “/” – focus search box

    • In the Vault on this night, November 3, is a woman who represents the owner’s interests. Her name is Irina Pavlova.
    • She has to think about issuing bonds for the new practice facility, or digital marketing initiatives, or how to balance Prokhorov’s majority interest in the Nets with his minority interest in the arena when the circus, quite literally, comes to town.
    • Customers rarely make buying decisions around what the “average” customer in their category may do — but they often buy things because they find themselves with a problem they would like to solve
    • Does the Beats line needs stilts in order to achieve differentiation and justify its high pricetag? The quality of Beats headphones is a contested subject. One study shows they’re 
    • Many have suggested that Microsoft drop its OS efforts and fork Android, returning, in Ben Thompson’s words, to “its roots of embracing and extending.
    • Let’s keep in mind that the mobile industry is no more mature than the PC industry was in the mid-eighties. Things could get interesting as Cyanogen reveals more of the business model its muscular investors have bought into. And they will become particularly interesting if the company can corral support from industry players who are eager to get out from under Google’s thumb.
    • They also, perhaps, distract attention from more fundamental problems on the city’s roads: including a vicious turf war between drivers and cyclists.
    • Three elements of the program are briefly described here: an onboarding plan or navigational guide, the appointment and training of a peer coach, and a dialogue between the new executives and their direct reports, managed by a trained facilitator.
    • For example, one unwritten norm critical for a successful entry into the organization is the need to build strong lateral relationships that cross several boundaries, such as geography, functions, and line of businesses.
    • Information provided by Joe Bonito, senior vice president, leadership development, Bank of America, interview with the authors (DL, WS), August 5, 2013.
    • In every instance of guerilla marketing, there was a common goal: to invest a small amount of money in a stunt, which hopefully garners enough attention to produce millions of dollars worth of free coverage.
    • “Football is a violent game played by violent people, so put a smile on your face, murder in your heart and lets go kick these $#@!ers in the mouth”
    • If the Orangeburg, South Carolina native does end up taking the job, it would be a reasonably significant hit for the Horns, as Rumph had a successful year as a recruiter, serving as the point man with defensive tackle Du’Vonta Lampkin, defensive end Charles Omenihu, safety DeShon Elliott, and defensive end Quincy Vasser. As a result of that success, 247Sports ranked him as the No. 4 recruiter in the Big 12 and No. 24 recruiter in the country.

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