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daily 02/01/2015

    • Up until now, I’ve gotten my special-ear-time fix from my MacBook Pro, whose hard drive already has hosts of my music and whose headphone jack supports high-res audio output of 96kHz. If I’m really, 
    • We took the Pono Player on the go for an entire day, which proved to be a bit of a logistical nightmare. This isn’t just a bad device to put in a pocket—the triangular shape feels noticeable and obnoxious in your pants pocket—but it’s also lousy in a messenger bag, as the creators elected not to include a hardware “hold” button of any sort.
    • Working with Murray, he filmed a cinematographer that could be added to the games. The Madden games, by one mode of accounting, have two layers: A play layer, where the actual game occurs; and a production layer, where the format and presentation of the game is shown to the player. It’s important that if a cameraman is shooting an angle shown to the player in one second, then, in the next shot, the same cameraman appear (if he would be in the frame).
    • Talking to Young and Murray, I thought back to another funny episode in sports. After an amazing game last week, Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside said he hoped there’d be one big outcome of his performance. “I’m just trying to really get my NBA 2K rating up,” he said. NBA 2k is a console game that updates its players stats through the season, reflecting the changing state and talents of the professional league.

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