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daily 01/26/2015

    • Saying all the recent visits are clues and not coincidence. something is being orchestrated.
    • KM’s draft rating has him as one of the few HS prospects in group 1 (i.e., 1st or 2nd rounder)
    • Goodell was a gamer. Not the flashiest guy but played the game The Right Way. Dated a cheerleader, Redskins fan, Grit, not fast. Never one to shy away from watching extra film unless it involves one of his star employees, Goodell was first-in last-out. He was basicaly John Riggins except Goodells biggest organ was his heart not his liver.
    • The guy was a head coach who QUIT on his new owner that he retroactively had signed a contract with,
    • Jenkins suggested “maybe in a year or two” the PSI would fluctuate after being introduced to different environments, which seems to fly in the face of the dozens upon dozens of amateur science experiments that took place throughout New England last week. He did, however, relent that the ball’s pressure may change if you put it in a freezer, then unfreeze it.
    • A good source told me Sunday that Texas will switch to a spread offense to suit the talents of redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard and any recruits, and Zach Gentry, who decommitted from Texas to Michigan, told the Albuquerque Journal that Texas told him it was changing to the spread and he “didn’t feel comfortable” with that philosophy.
    • With regards to the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick’s never-ending quest to cut corners despite his denials, where does it stop? I fully expect a $500,000 fine and the loss of a draft pick and possibly even suspensions for Belichick next season.
    • You might not have noticed that Strong discontinued the end-of-year banquet, a move senior wideout John Harris and others endorsed. “He felt it wasn’t important to the younger guys, and he wanted to make a special moment for the seniors,” Harris said. “He figured the younger guys weren’t really interested in it. When I was younger, I hated sitting in those banquets. We were on our phone most of the time until they showed highlights and handed out awards. He does something special instead, but I don’t want to give it away. I don’t want to ruin it for next year’s class.”
      • A really nice steak dinner at VY steakhouse would be almost cooler.
    • Nolan Ryan was thrilled the Houston Astros got another Hall of Famer in Craig Biggio and thinks we might not see the likes of him again. “He was very unique. You don’t find many players like George Brett and Robin Yount where they stay with one organization,” Ryan said. “But to also play at three different positions (catcher, second, outfield) like Craig did. Not many players are willing to change like that. I think those are times gone by. With the nature of the game, I don’t think we’ll see much of that anymore.”
    • Completely mesmerized by “The Imitation Game” and rising superstar Benedict Cumberbatch, the next great actor of this generation who is terrific in “Sherlock.” Was transfixed by the brilliance of the script, the witty banter and the great acting. Gave it 10 ducks.
    • Meanwhile, the CFP is facing pressure on another front. The NFL is considering expanding its playoffs and moving one of the new games to Monday night when it would compete directly with the CFP championship.
    • If the NFL ends up expanding the number of teams that make its postseason, the league would need two more TV windows to account for the new games. In separate meetings, Goodell told the college commissioners that any playoff expansion likely would put a wild-card game on Monday night, sources said.
    • The CFP’s 12-year contract with ESPN calls for the title game to be played on a Monday night, typically the second Monday in January. The last three BCS championship games also were played on those Monday nights in January, dating to 2011. Similarly, college basketball’s men’s championship game is played on a Monday night in April.
    • “We picked Monday night because it was open and it was the best night for our game. We announced that in June 2012,” Hancock said. “We established that our game was going to be on Monday night for 12 years.”
    • ESPN’s CFP contract mandates that the games are carried on ESPN — not ESPN2 or ESPNU, sources say. Plus, cable sources say that some of ESPN’s affiliate deals contain language that would prohibit the network from putting either the CFP championship or an NFL playoff game on ABC.
    • “We were starting to make these experiences … that felt a lot more like cinematic experiences than they did video games. And I think a lot of that is because we don’t have VR input,” says Iribe.
      • yeah, input is kinda important. I think even with glasses on we will default back to seated with a keyboard.
    • And then, the moment arrives—the moment when the movie spreads its wings and reveals its truest self: Noah gives Claire a gift. A first edition of the Iliad.
    • So large is Kraft’s sway with Goodell that one veteran NFL executive likes to call him “the assistant commissioner.”



    • Tagliabue sees Goodell’s laser focus on profit and his combative stance toward players as key parts of the problem. “If they see you making decisions only in economic terms, they start to understand that and question what you’re all about,” he said. “There’s a huge intangible value in peace. There’s a huge intangible value in having allies.” As for his relationship with his protégé, Tagliabue says, “We haven’t talked much since I left. It’s been his decision. Bountygate didn’t help.” In our conversation, Tagliabue seemed disappointed, and a bit sad, about the sorry state of the game he ran for seventeen years.
    • Owners care about 3 things:


      1. TV deals


      2. Stadium deals


      3. Minimizing how much is shared with the players

    • PS. I’m not pro or anti-union even if my comments sound heavily pro-union. I’m pro-balance where both sides are given a fair shake. It is ultimately in the long-term interest of both parties. In the case of the NFL, I believe the anti-competitive practices used by the owners have contributed to an ownership group that has become far too powerful and ruthless.

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