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daily 01/22/2015

    • Belichick said that, because of this controversy, the Patriots will make one change in the future by inflating footballs beyond the minimum specifications of 12.5 pounds per square inch.


      “Obviously, with our footballs being inflated to the 12.5-pound range, any deflation would then take us under that specification limit,” he said.


      “Knowing that now, in the future, we will certainly inflate the footballs above that low level to account for any possible change during the game.”

    • Kyler Murray and Damarkus Lodge are in Austin on official visits
  • @RealAlexJones @PFTCommenter those refs were throwing false flags all game imo

  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/TlIquE6gEI How to build a better Pinewood Derby Race Car

  • This deflated ball talk…anyone else think its crazy that teams are responsible for supplying their game balls? Shouldn’t the league do this?

  • .@SI_PeterKing @theMMQB Im working on a column that will be up on KSK later today

  • Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous, like a person wearing full armor attacking a hot fudge sundae

  • vanilla extract in applesauce: game changer.

    • Can you have multiple pages on your website running Web-to-Lead code and sending Leads into your Salesforce.com org? Absolutely. Here’s a tip. If you want to know which page on your website sent the Lead, make a field in your org called “Website URL” and in your HTML code, populate the field with the URL that has your web-to-lead form. Make it a hidden field (don’t display it on the page). When the Lead record gets submitted from your website the form will pass that URL value to Salesforce so you can know which page submitted the record. Slick!
    • A contact role defines the part that a contact or person account plays in a specific account, case, contract, or opportunity. For example, Tom Jones might be the Decision Maker for the opportunity, and Mary Smith might be the Evaluator. You can assign a contact role to any contact or person account that affects your account, case, contract, or opportunity. Contacts and person accounts can have different contact roles on various accounts, cases, contracts, or opportunities.


      The Contact Roles related list of an account, case, contract, or opportunity displays the roles that each contact or person account plays in that record. On person account detail pages, the Opportunity Contact Roles related list displays the opportunities on which the person account is listed in the Account Name field of the opportunity.

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