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daily 01/13/2015

  • …and then depression set in.

  • Watch, at the end of the game the ref will wake up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette and it’ll turn out the title game was Bama-FSU after all

    • He sentenced McDonnell to two years, a term of such impressive leniency that McDonnell’s first words outside the courthouse in Richmond were ones of thanks to the justice system. Dry, the prosecutor, left the court without comment, “his face twisted in anger,” as a reporter put it. For comparison purposes, prosecutors had argued that McDonnell’s deeds went on far longer than those of Phillip A. Hamilton, a former Virginia lawmaker convicted, in 2011, of bribery and extortion and sentenced to nine and a half years, and that McDonnell’s office was higher than that of Hamilton. (Another former governor, Rod Blagojevich, of Illinois, is serving fourteen years.)
    • American sentencing today rests on a mix of improvisation, unthinking bureaucracy, power, and cruelty.
    • The Equal Justice Initiative (E.J.I.), a nonprofit, represented Blount in an appeal to the Virginia Supreme Court, but the court turned it down, maintaining its position that teen offenders already have a merciful option in the form of “geriatric release”—the right to appeal once they turn sixty years old.

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