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daily 01/10/2015

    • sources close to the situation said.
    • I’ve also been told — by sources close to the situation who don’t work for this site in any capacity — that writing about this silly Disney corporate horseshit prior to Tommy’s play date with Walsh would further jeopardize his opportunity to become a full-time staffer at Grantland.
    • The woman on the phone took my order over the phone and repeated back to me the important pieces of information to pass along to her performer: “Essex House. 11:30. Albino man. Pink gorilla singing SportsCenter theme song. Two balloons. Got it,” she said. “And what would you like the note to say?”


      Have a good lunch!




      A.J. Daulerio

    • Yes, we do. I am a Twitter junky more than Bob. I click Twitter whenever I have time and read Deadspin, and your articles. I like all the writers. I guess a better way to say it is that they are all so talented we are not qualified to judge.
    • No articles ever embarrassed us. Deadspin postings with strong words used to embarrass us, but now we are used to it. Kids have a way of converting parents.
    • This is the trick that the great editors pull off—alchemizing their own neurosis and laziness and incompetence as writers into managerial virtue.
    • The editor sacrifices all this. The editor’s only reward is the glory of the publication, and the poachers from more prestigious outlets sniffing around the staff, and—above all—the ability to get out of writing something oneself. Procrastinate from sunup to sundown and it becomes an honest day’s work. Noble work, even.

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