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daily 01/09/2015

    • Ravens director of security Darren Sanders, who (as we’ll see) ran a comically more efficient investigation, and had already requested the video some days prior to its release by TMZ.
    • But consider the context. Places like the NFL hire ex-cops under the presumption that, in looking into matters precisely like this, they will be able to tap their old buddies on the shoulder and call in a favor or two—get some of the report read back to them over the phone, or have some information “accidentally” forwarded to them.
  • Probably the most difficult thing I do each month is engage in pleasant small-talk for the entire duration of a haircut.

    • Diaz can do a good job scheming against simple offenses while using players who were taught fundamentals by a prior coach. He could have a top 10 defense in 2015 and a bottom 10 defense by 2018.
    • Seriously, watch us play some defense against zone read during those years. LBs and DL did not care about gaps. That was not coming from Mack. Same thing on offense when Matthews laughed at our line schemes.
    • Also I’m pretty sure Akina went behind Diaz’s back every chance he got and Mack allowed it.
    • Patrick Wilson will star as “Lou Solverson,” a clean cut Minnesota State Patrolman, four years back from Vietnam, where he served in the Navy. A humble and competent man, Lou is a devoted husband to his wife “Betsy” (yet to be cast), and father to four-year-old “Molly” (yet to be cast).
    • The P.B.A.’s deal will now be determined by a three-person arbitration panel. A meeting has not yet been set, de Blasio spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick said.
    • It has two modes – Survival and Creative. In Survival mode you have to mine for materials to make things to defend yourself against randomly spawned monsters.

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