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    • Typically, the Rule of 78 is used with sales quotas. If a salesperson must bring in a set amount of new revenue each month and that revenue is recurring, you can simply multiple the quota X 78 to get the total amount that each salesperson will bring in for the year.  For example, if the sales quota is $ 5,000 per month then each sales rep will bring in a total of 5 X 78 = $ 390,000 during the year.
    • In order to tackle the issues with both, Microsoft should merge both Cortana and the action centre together.
    • All this software posturing from these mega corps are made redundant with a $35 dongle.
    • The best 4K TV you can buy is still just a dumb one—with lots and lots of HDMI ports. Because of the way streaming entertainment has evolved, any television can become a “smart” television if you want it to. It’s called Chromecast, or Fire TV, or Fire Stick, or Nexus Player, or Apple TV, or PS4, or Xbox One, and on and on.
    • It’s especially important because software and hardware lifecycles, especially concerning televisions, don’t really sync. Software is an annual, or even semi-annual affair, but you might not buy a new TV for years, and years, and years. So what happens when all these separate televisions with all their walled gardens and different OSes fail to keep up, or get left behind entirely?
    • multi-material 3d printers can print things out of composites like limestone, bronze, and iron. – post by jk livin
    • The ATF can’t regulate what is not illegal. – post by jk livin
    • Congress doesn’t want to piss off the NRA. But would the NRA (at least industry supporters) support this, as it theoretically eats into their markets – post by jk livin
    • On one hand, it really does feel like it should be illegal to plug in a machine, wait a few hours, and then get a plastic however durable gun that can possibly slip through metal detectors.
    • Gunsmithing is completely legal as long as you don’t sell the guns you make.
    • In the meantime, Wilson showed off an AR-15 with 3D-printed parts that could fire hundreds of rounds. That sounds pretty consistently reliable.
    • Maybe he did! There’s no evidence, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he and everyone else on this ballot doped. (I also wouldn’t particularly care. Once you remember that just as many pitchers were doping as were hitters, and even if you apply a subjective PED handicap to his totals, Piazza’s still a hall of famer.)
    • Since the device isn’t doing optical HR, it’s actually fully capable of transmitting accurate heart rate variability (HRV/RR) metrics to compatible devices.  This allows some of these apps and devices to sort out heart rate recovery related analysis pieces.
    • Most organizations should have rules for establishing the value of an opportunity, given its evolution in its lifecycle.
    •  (Always be sure that this value has been socialized with the customer and is not simply a figment of a salesperson’s overly active imagination.)
    •  Heck, it even worked on overlays:  every time a product manager with a revenue number saw a country without 3x coverage of his/her product, they beat the local product manager and the local sales director until it did.
    • What management should do is to beat on salesreps to show the real pipeline, as they believe it exists, using well-defined staging and valuation rules.
    • This can bring the whole team a quota miss.
    • Salesforce Analytic Snapshots (or How to report on Historical Salesforce data)
    • Value to Close ratio was.
    • Using Salesforce Analytic Snapshots you are able to create and store snapshots of data that you want to monitor, using custom objects.
    • “How I was able to create and store daily snapshots of open Opportunities and their values”
    • As you can see above I have chosen Opportunity Name,  Owner and Value as the columns.
    • It’s worth mentioning the report has to be in Tabular or Summary format. I would also recommend choosing fields that are regularly updated as this is the purpose of using Analytic Snapshots.
    • In this example we need to create Custom Fields “Opportunity Name”, “Owner” and “Opportunity Value” to mirror the columns in my source report
    • Make sure the Running User has permission to view and report on the data you’re going to push into your custom object.
    • You have successfully created a Salesforce Analytic snapshot.


      At the time you specified, the source report will run and the data will be saved in your custom object.

    • That is… if you don’t know APEX (or even do….), this can really be a huge saver. We use the free version to do analysis between 2 unrelated objects. It has a limit of 3 active rollups, but you can deactivate and reactivate as many as needed.
    • It’s also not just today’s ESPN move. One of the more unheralded initiatives of 2014 was Disney Anywhere, which ensures that when you buy anything Disney digitally, you’re going to find it wherever you are. There’s no separate Google Play and iTunes library; you’re not locked into whatever platform your phone happens to be. If you buy *Wreck-It Ralph* through Disney Anywhere, it’ll be there waiting for you on your Apple TV and your Android Phone and your… Vudu. They’re just an Amazon Instant Video away from being a truly universal solution.
    • we are actually in the hunt for Braxton. Maybe we have the graduate major he craves?


      I read that Hubenak was taking 27 hrs of class work to become eligible – where does that stand?

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