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daily 01/05/2015

  • No gadget needed. Talk Test such a great/easy tool 4 runners. Endurance = conversation, Stamina = sentences, Speed = words, Sprint = silence

  • .@TheSpiritof02 Sorry. That flaccid attempt at a riposte is so bereft of wit or accuracy or value, that I have to move on. Happy new year.

    • You know, in all these recent militant gestures on the part of the NYPD (or at least some sects within it), I don’t think it’s ever been clear with whom they believe they are now at war. That’s what’s particularly troubling here: it seems that they perceive any challenge to their authority—or, rather, their perceptions of their own impunity—as acts of aggression. The lack of specificity in that “wartime police department” comment clashes so cacophonously with the NYPD’s demand for recognition for their “service” that the whole situation is starting to look like a protection racket. Except with a militarized police force that owns drones and high-powered assault weapons.
    • Description



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