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daily 12/10/2014

    • Later, when the Brits came, the brigands would be referred to as thugs, an Anglicized version of the Hindi word for “deceiver.”
    • Beyond the commercial consequences that widespread robbery might have on travel and trade, the idea of brown-on-brown crime motivated the Brits: By stemming the violence that the natives did to each other, they could demonstrate their superior morals and breeding, justifying their role as India’s civilized interlocutors.
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    • At the end of October, Pascal and WME were still trying to find someone to play the star role in what they considered the best script in their arsenal. Christian Bale, Pascal learned, “has been doing endless research and he is coming up empty in figuring out part.” Fair enough!
    • What the hell am I meant to say to him? ‘Go have a meeting with Megan, the studio will approve Leo who you waited for for a year, and who’s passed on the movie, and then maybe they’ll go with Fassbender if you work this bipolar 28 year old lunatic who hasn’t returned your call in 3 days, and maybe if she likes you and if she took her meds, there’s some vague chance you can start this movie in ten weeks’?

      No. You want that? You do it.

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