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daily 11/05/2014

    • The SMS Channel is a native IFTTT channel that provides a set of Triggers and Actions built around sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) messages with your SMS enabled cellphone. 




       Your phone number: 


       IFTTT phone number: 











       <!– – if @current_user && @current_user.profile_provider_channel_id.nil? && Channel.profile_provider_options.include?(@channel.module_name) –> <!– %a.settings{:href => “#{@channel.module_name}/set_channel_as_profile_provider”}= “make #{@channel.name} your IFTTT profile provider” –>  
    • Cricket








      (512) 781-2963


      – Mobile
    • Use RoboForm to Fill Job Application Forms 


        RoboForm is the perfect tool to make your job search more productive, allowing you to apply to more jobs due to the time savings of one-click form filling. RoboForm is a great time saver as it lets you automatically log in various job sites, and fill out multiple job applications without typing anything. 

    • His shooting percentage is inversely proportional to his proximity to the rim! I guess when you’re older than Larry King and half as athletic, that’s how it goes.
    • MaritzCX is forging a new path for the multi-billion dollar customer experience (CX) industry from a profitable beginning with revenue nearing $200 million in its first year. With an unmatched combination of four key elements: CX software, data and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services, MaritzCX will deliver the world’s broadest end-to-end CX software platform and services business.
    • “As MaritzCX, we will accelerate the flow of CX intelligence from months to minutes, on an organization-wide scale. We will automate actions and influence the triggers of customer happiness over the lifetime of relationships. The MaritzCX SaaS-based software and services approach is poised for growth and will become as vital to business performance as a financial, CRM, or ERP system,” Clark added.
    • “To compete in the future, companies need an infrastructure for understanding and taking action on customer needs. This requires a strong mix of technology, analytics, operations, and market research capabilities.”
    • But as the signals went through, he kept fingering on the phone screen. A quick tap on an app icon, then another one. The phone sent out a signal over the internet, to all his computers at home and at work: “Shut down, immediately.” Then he quickly switched off his cellphone.


      “Everything was encrypted,” Sunde tells us, clearly pleased with himself. “The policeman was so pissed. I guess he’d been looking forward to arresting this mastermind hacker and then he misses a thing like that.”

    • When the story reached the papers the next morning, Sunde was already behind bars. The police first brought him to prison in Malmö, where he remained for a week, then transferred him to his current whereabouts. Västervik is a class two prison, the second highest rating in Sweden. Many of its inmates have commited violent or drug-related offences. Sunde is serving time for aiding and abetting copyright crimes.
    • At7pm, cell doors are closed and locked. After that, Sunde has only his television set and the books in his cell to entertain him. He hasn’t been online since he was arrested, he says. At 9pm, lights are turned off
    • Sunde does not work during the daytime, as many other inmates do. Instead, he has been given a textbook in Spanish. Formally, that means he is pursuing studies while in jail. That pays him SEK 13 an hour, money that he is free to spend on phone credit, fruit or food in the prison kiosk.
    • Then, Sunde took every opportunity to rail against online censorship and the methods used by the film and music industries in their fight against filesharers. He was the figurehead for a rebellious movement that feared neither Hollywood lawyers nor Swedish prosecutors.
    • What is most difficult to cope with is the boredom, Sunde says. The days in prison merge into a grey mass, indistinguishable from each other. Sunde has trouble sleeping at night. “You become brain-dead in here,” he says. “A guy who has been here a long time said it best: what I miss most are new memories.”


      Västervik prison
    • Google’s chief executive Larry Page has admitted that the company has outgrown its mission statement to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” from the launch of the company in 1998, but has said he doesn’t yet know how to redefine it.
    • Page said he aims to use the resources at his disposal to go far beyond today’s technology and market, creating spurs into tomorrow’s technology spaces from artificial intelligence and robotics to health, disease and biotechnology lead by Brin and his “moonshot” Google X labs, from which Google’s self-driving cars, smartglasses and nano technology pill sprouted.
    • Research areas in biotechnology, health and medicine, for instance, have been traditionally funded by public money with universities and other research centres, at least in their infancy, rather than private companies.
    • They encounter a planet near a black hole, and decide to go around it to avoid the “time shift zone” – they talk about time shift as if it has a distinct boundary but it just doesn’t work like that – it’s gradual, progressive, and is the same in all directions.
    • To get to an extreme dilation, where one hour corresponds to seven years, you would need such a strong gravitational field that you need to be close to what is called the Schwarzschild radius of the object – essentially the event horizon of a black hole.
    • One of the big plot devices revolves around the first planet they visit, the water planet: one hour on its surface corresponds to seven years on earth. Scienticifically, this is fine; it’s well known that time flows more slowly in the presence of a gravitational field
    • Finding a stable planet within such a strong gravitational field is a stretch of the imagination. It just wouldn’t happen.

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