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daily 09/12/2014

    • I went to a wedding at a country club a couple summers ago and got real shitfaced. And while the guests were out on the floor dancing to Beyoncé covers, a friend and I snuck out onto the golf course and got shitfaced on a putting green. You could see the dark outlines of the trees lining each fairway. You could hear the distant sounds of people singing and dancing.  I stood there in the dark with my friend and we shot the shit about kids and football and all that other crap, and it was perfect. That’s what happens at a good party. You find the niches. You find the little spots where you make a party of your own within the party. You escape.
    • One of the reasons it’s been a disaster is because the NFL—like many large, slovenly entities—has become an organization that is primarily dedicated to its own PR, rather than the product it puts out on the field. The game of football itself is malleable in the NFL’s hands. Challenge systems are added. New PATs are tinkered with. Certain rules get enforced or ignored. The game has been molded over the years into whatever the NFL needs it to be at the time. It used to be a celebration of violence. Now it’s basketball. The game—and all of its related events both on and off the field—gets fed into a PR machine and shit back out.
    • Not that this is so different from any other time, but we live in an age where very important people are making very important decisions strictly based on how that decision will LOOK. Presidents abstain from making key policy decisions because of how they might look. News organizations bury corrections quickly because of how those errors will look.
    • Much of the criticism stemmed from a fundamental recognition that the NFL is a leader, that we do stand for important values, and that we can project those values in ways that have a positive impact beyond professional football.
    • This is strong leadership to him. He has bought into his own delusion of the NFL being America’s moral compass.
    • It is laziness spun as integrity
    • The image of you becomes the focal point, and not the person therein
    • At the Super Bowl in January, I went to the Bud Light boat party, which was not actually on a boat. It LOOKED like an event. There were spotlights and pretty girls and famous people tucked away behind a curtain. You had to go through thousands of checkpoints to get to the party, every one of them festooned with branded signage. And after all that waiting and walking and anticipation, I was greeted with a makeshift ballroom that was largely empty inside, like I had just traveled through the vein of a corpse to find its heart missing. That’s kinda what it’s like to hear Roger Goodell talk. It sounds very strong and noble and then you look closer and there’s fucking nothing there. That’s what happens in a 24/7 PR universe. That’s how punching a woman in the face gets buried under a mountain of horseshit.

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