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daily 09/11/2014

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    • The kids on the offensive side of the ball were really wide eyed and the defense seemed artificially hyped up. I’ve been on the side line when there was true focus and emotion, and I didn’t see that Saturday.
    • The coaches were standing around slack-jawed in the 2nd half when BYU was having success. The Cougars were running exactly what the staff had gone over in practice and ran with the scout team, and the kids still busted their assignments.
    • On defense there is no excuse especially after the team provided a near perfect scout of the BYU offense. It’s unacceptable.
    • I’ll say this, this loss was not on Strong. He gave the kids everything they needed to be successful on the defensive side of the ball.
    • Big Cigar: Well, yeah, me too. That’s supposed to be Strong’s strength; rehabilitating or at least giving kids second chances. Why go after Strong and pay him what you paid him if you just want someone to 8-4 with good kids who graduate? We had that guy already. How can you ask me for more money if your goal is to win eight games?
    • I’m told Patterson is also being hamstrung by the president when it comes to cutting fat in the athletic department overall.
    • Oliver had a good handle on the inner-workings of the Texas athletic department and so he asked a lot of relevant questions during the interview process on how much autonomy he would have in the position—decisions on Mack Brown, Rick Barnes, the women’s athletic department, etc. P
    • Big Cigar: David Ash is cleared to play medically. He and his family are weighing long term injury with playing football in the short run. I just can’t see him suiting up and risking life and limb to play behind that makeshift offensive line in a season that appears to be heading south. I’m not his dad, but if it were my son, I’d tell him to hang it up.

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