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daily 08/09/2014

  • Mr. Devil, you may not retrieve that fiddle. RT @edsbs: NCAA should settle, see precedent [Devil v. Johnny, GA Court of Appeals 1979]

    • He goes on to reexplain that the most feared being in all creation, a trickster soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies, who could not be reasoned with, was locked in the Pandorica. Amy wonders how; the Doctor says that like most fairy tales, a good wizard tricked it. River expresses her hatred for good wizards in fairy tales as she feels they always turn out to be the Doctor. Amy notes the name is similar to Pandora’s box, her favourite childhood story.
    • On how the suspended players are working in practice: They just — I know they’re suspended, but they’re going to work just like everyone else.  It won’t be any different of what is asked of them.  They’re going to work and do what they’re supposed to do.
    • What you really haven’t noticed — you guys talk about the helmet, but you just look at the shorts and the shirt, and it’s nowhere.
    • It’s really the skill guys.  The wide receivers do a lot of running.  We want to make sure they’re well-hydrate.  Guys know right now they walk around all day with a Gatorade bottle in their hands, and it has to be filled up.  Any time a coach says ‘chug it,’ they have to chug it.  Then they go back to filling it up.  We want to make sure they stay hydrated.
    • We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we work.
    • That whole attitude has to change, we know that, as a football team. This program will never change, the culture won’t change until the attitude of the players change. That’s what we’re seeking to do each and every day. As far as leadership, our guys know, our seniors know it’s got to come — right now it’s coming from the coaches.  I told them yesterday at some point they have to buy into it, and the seniors have got to take over the leadership of this football team.
    • A few stuck with me.  One of them was a book called Leading Change, by Harvard management professor John Kotter. It was slim, plainly written and if you’ve ever taken over a messed up team and improved them or seen an organization through a tough transition, its message is practical and applicable.
    • Charlie Strong can’t change Texas Football.  He can craft a vision, communicate relentlessly, recruit to it and teach it, but ultimately the players define and disseminate culture.  Until they’re actively doing so, nothing is really going to change.  Mack Brown stopped having player led teams in 2010.  Coincidence?
    • We won’t go in the bubble.  We’ll be outside.  It’s heat.  We have to deal with it.
    • So now we’re going offense versus — any time there’s a situation with offense versus defense, I expect we go full speed.  Then when they go individual, that’s when they can cut down.
    • The culture that you step into was you look at a team and look at a group of seniors that hasn’t had a double digit winning season since they’ve been here, and then you just look at some things that we had to do academically, where a lot of guys had to get on board academically.  Once you change it in the classroom, then you’ll be able to change it on the football field.
    • autodidact pessimist
    • While Pizzolatto is thus prepared to cite his fictional character’s “erudition” in this ponderous little paragraph, he nowhere therein mentions the name “Thomas Ligotti,” who is the writer he stands accused of actually copying.
    • In episode one [of “True Detective”] there are two lines in particular (and it would have been nothing to re-word them) that were specifically phrased in such a way as to signal Ligotti admirers. Which, of course, you got.

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