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daily 08/03/2014

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    • Could he have designed a more elegant health-care law?
    • First of all, American companies continue to be an enormous force in the global economy, and in talking to US companies, there is a real recognition of opportunity there.
    • our emphasis on developing human capital is something that Africa very much wants and we’re good at it.
    • leapfrog certain technologies and skip certain phases of development, and we are very good at the technologies that allow countries to potentially leapfrog development.
    • They don’t have governence. I
    • China has certain capacity, for example, to build infrastructure in Africa that’s critical.
    • And so my advice to African leaders is to make sure that if, in fact, China is putting in roads and bridges, number one, that they’re hiring African workers; number two, that the roads don’t just lead from the mine to the port to Shanghai, but that there’s an ability for the African governments to shape how this infrastructure is going to benefit them in the long term.
    • and any architecture for extraction, in fact, redounded to the benefit of the populations.
    • Congress may give up on the Export-Import Bank and may also get in the way of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). These could frustrate your policy.
    • There is no doubt that a thread has emerged in the Republican Party of anti-globalisation that runs contrary to the party’s traditional support for free trade.
    • And the truth is that the amount of trade between the United States and Africa is so small relative to our overall economy that in no way should it be perceived as a threat.

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