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daily 07/31/2014

    • So with few other options, Samsung is turning back to its usual playbook—high-profile device launches, expensive marketing, and devices crammed full of features that users may or may not want. The company does has the advantage of a robust supply chain and huge efficiencies of scale. But if that playbook was working like it used to, Samsung wouldn’t have turned in such an ugly quarter.
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    Love this motto: ‘Silence is not an option in the social world.’ via @wnd #M2M

  • Elsevier profit 36% and Wiley 42%. How? By paying authors nothing and charging taxpayers to read work they funded. http://t.co/To92wOz2sQ

  • Might I suggest a program cover for the Texas Tech – Arkansas game? @edsbs @LostLettermen http://t.co/nFtiBZNcEL

    • With the roster movement, Turner’s status changing and the expected arrival of true freshman D’Onta Foreman, the Longhorns will be under the 85-man scholarship limit when fall practice starts on Monday.
    • eal Madrid was to play Inter Milan in a fake soccer game as part of the International Champions Cup, a fake soccer tournament.
    • I went to SOCCER EVENT, to watch a Spanish team led by a Welsh star play a team from Italy led by an Argentine star, in a tournament sponsored by an Irish beer, at a stadium built with California state money, with a group of Mexico fans.
    • Top teams have been chartering transnational preseason tours for decades. In 1968, Pele’s team, Santos, traveled from Brazil to New York City to play Maradona’s Napoli in front of 43,000.
    • Owners risk injury and burnout by wringing their team for all they’ve got instead of letting them recover and prepare, but the possibility of new fans and revenue streams is more important than solidifying their team. The money from 62,582 seated butts doesn’t hurt either.
    • Stoke City bought Geoff Cameron from the Houston Dynamo two years ago, and the two sides have played a friendly each summer since. Whether or not the games matter in any technical sense (they don’t) isn’t even relevant, because fans love it and sell out most games anyway. European touring teams pull back the curtain for fans abroad and get some coin in the process, but it’s more complicated than either fan service or sinister business operation.
    • The pervasiveness of brands and florid marketing language aren’t unique to soccer exhibition games, or any part of life really, but the absurdity shines when a loud business blitz accompanies an expensive SOCCER EVENT full of C-teamers that nobody wants to play in. The sports of it all were ancillary. Inter and Real felt like two more brands on center stage.
    • A diverse crowd obviously has varied rooting interests, but wearing a Bayern Munich or Liverpool jersey to a Real—Inter game is all about fashion. Endorsing or signalling awareness of some team that’s not there isn’t anything besides a personal branding mechanism, a way to project awareness of soccer culture. It isn’t about the teams on the field, but rather, it’s a way to feign at some nebulously articulated global sporting lifestyle bottled and sold by Big Clubs. This boutique fandom is the vein that clubs are trying to tap on their tours.
    • Most judges won’t agree to proceed with a case until “you’ve made a compelling argument that the person is evading service.” That often requires three failed attempts at serving papers. And it’s helpful to have photos of a person sneaking away, too. (That’s where the disguise comes in.)

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