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daily 07/24/2014

    • Grade Adjusted Pace estimates an equivalent pace when running on flat land, allowing the runner to compare hilly and flat runs more easily. Because running uphill requires extra effort, the Grade Adjusted Pace will be faster than the actual pace run. When running downhill, the Grade Adjusted Pace will be slower than the actual pace.
    • If the runner doesn’t use the pause feature on their Garmin device, we will automatically detect when the runner is resting, and we will calculate moving time and pace using only GPS data. The moving threshold is anything faster than 30 minute mile pace for running activities.
    • Another issue to think about is that phones have tiny GPS antennas (Remember the fries). Cell phones use assisted start – where the cell network provide key information on start up, allowing them to find the satellites easier. Its easy for a GPS to track where you are once it knows where (and when) you are. If it doesn’t know where you are, it doesn’t know where to “look” for the satellites, and needs to search for them.
    • With no data connection, no assisted start – think minutes to get a fix every time you turn it on, even in perfect conditions, and never in marginal conditions vs Garmin taking a few seconds and nearly always. Research “GPS TTFF” (Time to First Fix). A Garmin with its better GPS front end, will hold the fix much more reliably, if you ride “urban canyons”, forests and such like its important.
    • I’ve helped many people use an old iPhone to use the Strava app to record a ride. The key (with Strava app) is wifi connection at the beginning and end of the ride.
    • Edmodo is working from the other direction, hoping to improve our schools from the bottom up.
    • At a time when many teachers feel hamstrung by standardized tests and associated performance standards, Edmodo helps them exchange techniques in a peer-to-peer, ad hoc fashion.
    • “K-12 is an incredibly change-resistant system, and to be disruptive, you have to do it in the least disruptive way possible,” says co-founder and chief product officer Nic Borg.
    • Indeed, Borg came up with the idea for Edmodo after spending a lot of time blocking access to social sites like YouTube and Facebook.
    • In 2009, as the tool got more popular, Borg and O’Hara quit their day jobs and raised a seed round from Learn Capital, an education fund backed by publishing giant Pearson
    • Since her arrival, Edmodo has added tools that let school and district administrators to do basic account management and track use of the service.
    • Fifth grade teacher Robert Miller of Volusia County Florida, for instance, created a series of popular videos which show chemicals about to be combined or a chemical reaction in progress and ask students to guess what will happen next before getting the answer in the next video.
    • In similar fashion, the site has become a hub for educational apps. According to the company, around 600 apps use its programming interface.
    • Edmodo is poised to launch its first revenue-generating tool, Snapshot. This is a set of quizzes designed to help teachers quickly evaluate how well their students are progressing against the Common Core Standards, the formal educational standards and test in English and math set to debut in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.
    • The second big problem for Apple’s tablet sales might be, ironically, the same factor that’s holding back sales of PCs: They’re too durable.
    • Imagine if Bernard Madoff founded the Branch Davidians and became a fugitive like O.J. Simpson after perpetrating the Challenger disaster, and you have something like an American analogy for what was going on in South Korea.
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    • But as James Pennebaker, a psychologist from the University of Texas at Austin, has written, the pronoun “I” often signals humility and subservience. A more confident person is more likely to be surveying her domain (and perhaps considering what “you” should be doing), rather than turning inward. “Pronouns signal where someone’s internal focus is pointing,” Pennebaker told the Wall Street Journal. “The high-status person is looking out at the world and the low-status person is looking at himself.”
    • Grandiosity and narcissism are often seen as giveaways for low self-confidence, and these two features of insecure speech—overcompensation and a focus on me—help explain why. (“It’s like you’re … I don’t know, in love with yourself,” a character tells the deeply damaged protagonist of Diana Spechler’s Skinny. “Self-absorption is different from self-love,” she replies defensively, limning a distinction that sometimes evades us.)
    • Anecdotally, colleagues told me about lowering their voices to seem more authoritative in vulnerable moments, or reaching for loftier vocabulary words.
    • Sociologists even have a term for how people modify their speech production to access the power they believe might elude them otherwise: linguistic insecurity.
    • Labov’s experiment suggests that punctilious attention to “proper” usage may come from a place of insecurity.
    • Perhaps their zeal to “get it right” is just another version of the desire for belonging: You don’t need a linguistics degree to see analogies between the aspirational rhoticity of Saks workers—at the fringes of a world of glittering wealth—and the self-labeling pretensions of master’s universities and small international airports.
    • PHOTOGRAPHED: Undocumented solo minors crossing border into America!
  • I worked for @WIRED for 3 years. I won them a National Magazine Award. And now they *unfollow me.* https://t.co/1GDxUcgCkH

    • Van Grunsven disagreed, citing case law that direct violation of a court’s order is “the very definition of contempt.” Whether Sasson believed the order was valid or not, the judge said, he was obligated to obey it until he was legally relieved of doing so.
    • At the ACC media event, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said about Spurrier, “He’s from Pluto, I’m from Mars.” When told of the quote, Spurrier quipped “Dabo still thinks there are nine planets out there.”
    • But there doesn’t seem to be a major push from either side, at least not from those in charge of scheduling, to play the game again anytime soon. In April, Texas athletics director Steve Patterson told ESPN’s Paul Finebaum that renewing the rivalry wasn’t among his priorities.
    • With the Longhorns playing a nine-game schedule in the Big 12, there are only three available nonconference contests each season. This season, UT plays nonconference games against North Texas and BYU at home and against UCLA at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.
    • The Longhorns also have future home-and-home contracts with Notre Dame (four games), California (two games), Maryland (two games), Ohio State (two games) and USC (two games). The first available open date on Texas’ schedule wouldn’t occur until 2018, when the Longhorns are already scheduled to play at Maryland and home against USC.
    • If this seems faintly religious, consider CrossFit’s business model. By design, the company has only two big sources of revenue: trainer certification and licensing fees, which are paid annually by trainers who’ve opened their own CrossFit gyms, or “boxes.” What this means is that the growth of the company relies almost entirely on its ability to evangelize (new trainers) and propagate itself (more boxes). CrossFit is an idea surrounded by an ever-expanding circle of prophets, everyone on the lookout for apostles and apostates alike.
    • This business model is the source both of CrossFit’s ferocious competitiveness—both intra and extramural—and of its noisy persecution complex. Either CrossFit truly has to be the best, or it has to go hard after the people who say it isn’t.
    • By the end of the conversation, Devor seems at his wit’s end. He’d co-authored a paper that was titled “Crossfit-based high intensity power training improves maximal aerobic fitness and body composition.”
    • That’s a great description of the impasse CrossFit now faces. Desperately wanting approval, it has circled the wagons and worked actively against the very means to its validation. The biggest problem CrossFit has is itself.
    • “We had been living in Austin for about four years when we started the Aztex,” Rawlins says, “and didn’t do a tremendous amount of market research first. Big mistake.
    • So the Austin Aztex became Orlando City. When the transplanted franchise arrived in The City Beautiful in 2010, Rawlins set out an ambitious five-year plan:
    • Bob Stoops responded to Alabama coach Nick Saban’s comments about the Sugar Bowl being a “consolation game” as quickly and decisively as the Sooners did in last season’s 45-31 upset of the Tide.
    • On Tuesday, Saban, who was in Bristol, talked about the challenge of getting his team to play Oklahoma as to “try to play in a consolation game.”
    • They have Lamar, Rice, SMU and Louisiana Monroe. Boy those are all a bunch of toughies, right? We have nine conference games. So if [Texas A&M] was fortunate enough to be in the SEC championship game, they would play nine conference games at the end of the day and they have all those four ‘toughies’ to go with it.
    • United manager complains of ‘dreadful distances’ in US
    • Last summer, when United toured Australasia, the club made a 24,000-mile round trip and in 2012 they covered 22,000 miles when visiting Durban, Cape Town, Shanghai, Oslo and Gothenburg.
    • Van Gaal also said that it would be months before he would know whether United’s seventh place last season under David Moyes and then Ryan Giggs was an underachievement.
    • Because in Germany you don’t have so much money as in the Premier League to give money out. I have to wait three or four months and give you a clearer answer.”
    • “The challenge is that they essentially live in different universes. In the X-Men world of the movies, we never hear them talk about a famous super team called the Fantastic Four and in the Fantastic Four movie, they are fantastic because they are the only ones of their kind, meaning there aren’t other people with super powers on the streets.
    • Going deeper into FF lore, the name and costumes are even given a logical and compelling reason to exist. In a somewhat recent issue (at least since Valeria’s birth), Reed sits with Valeria and talking to himself as much as to her, he asks why he would give his friends fantastic names, costumes, and a public life like the one they’ve enjoyed. Why would he, a somewhat staid scientific man, take a silly name like Mister Fantastic? His explanation is that he inadvertently took away the normal lives of his family and dearest friends. In an attempt at recompense, he reinvented them as celebrities rather than freaks. This is an interesting and compelling aspect of Reed’s character that is worthy of exploration.
    • Let me get this straight: the Fantastic Four are not Batman. They are not mopey kids living in a dark grey world. Another recent quote makes me nervous about this as well. Michael B. Jordan recently described the characters as, “a bunch of kids that had an accident and we have disabilities now that we have to cope with, and try to find a life afterwards – try to be as normal as we can.” This makes me think that their abilities across the board are taken as negatives and they only want to be rid of them or minimize their impact on their lives.
    • Andrew becomes increasingly withdrawn and aggressive, culminating when his father Richard attacks him and Andrew uses his power to overwhelm him. His outburst is so extreme that it inflicts psychically connected nosebleeds on Steve and Matt. While Matt ignores the nosebleed, Steve goes up to the middle of a storm and tries to console Andrew who grows increasingly frustrated, but Steve is suddenly struck and killed by lightning. At Steve’s funeral, Matt confronts Andrew about the suspicious circumstances of Steve’s death. Andrew denies responsibility to Matt, but he privately begs forgiveness at Steve’s grave.
    • Injured and enraged, Andrew uses his power to destroy the buildings around him, threatening hundreds of lives. Unable to get through to Andrew and left with no other choice, Matt telekinetically tears a spear from a nearby statue, and impales Andrew with it, killing him. The police surround Matt, but he flies away.
    • Microsoft builds three primary versions of Windows, with variants for items like embedded systems, Xbox and enterprises: Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Windows RT. Microsoft has said nothing about Windows RT during any of its events and announcements this year so far, but it still technically exists.
    • When Nadella speaks of one Windows, he is referring to Microsoft’s longstanding efforts to move the NT core to work efficiently on ARM processors as well as its longstanding support of x86 processors. That mean apps built for Windows Pro will also work on Windows Phone and Windows RT (both of which run on ARM, the primary architecture that runs nearly all smartphones and tablets). This streamlined core will also run on other Windows-related products, such as Windows Embedded (that runs things like automatic teller machines) and Xbox One.
    • Microsoft is also updating its developer environment—Visual Studio—so that app builders can reuse as much of their code as possible between variants of Windows. That means a common set of application programming interfaces, backend cloud support and design support.
    • This machine seems more ideal to make Dutch stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are waffles made from yeast dough, split in half, and one half is then topped with hot caramel. The 2 half pieces are then put back together to make the chewy stroopwafel cookie. 3 inches would be the ideal size for such a traditional cookie. I agree with the previous review that to make 3″ cones would be inconvenient at best. I intend to buy this waffle maker for the sole use of making stroopwafels.
    • Through Russia’s cycles of chaos and crisis since the Soviet breakup in 1991, Gazprom has been the country’s citadel of reliability, providing both steady export income and foreign policy muscle. As the chart below shows, gas exports to Europe made up 14% of Russia’s export income last year.
      • During any warm-weather workout or event, watch for the following symptoms:

        • Disorientation
        • Confusion
        • Headache
        • Muscle weakness
        • Nausea and vomiting
    • Also note that the average sweat rate is about 27.4 to 47.3 ounces per hour (one pound of sweat translates to about 15.4 ounces of fluid) while running. Therefore, it would take a 160-pound athlete 1 to 2 hours of no fluid replacement to reach just a 2.2 percent reduction in body weight.
    • The maximum rate at which the body can absorb fluid is about 600 milliliters (or about 20 fluid ounces) per hour. The maximum rate at which the body can excrete fluid is between 600 and 800 milliliters per hour. In other words, athletes should drink 4 to 8 ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes of exercise, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

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