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daily 07/21/2014

    • The White House has sinced expressed its disapproval of Fox recording a hot mic moment, they insist that Kerry remained on-point. From their statement to the Post:
    • Given the range of important global events we are not going to spend time litigating whether taping and playing Secretary Kerry’s private conversation was consistent with acceptable protocol.
    • Upper Class belief: there are unlimited opportunities in the world – all one has to do to generate wealth is to take advantage of a few of them. The implication is it is okay to miss opportunities.

      Middle Class belief: there are limited opportunities in the world – in order to generate wealth you have to be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Missing perceived opportunities creates regrets.

      Lower Class belief: there are vanishingly few opportunities in the world – in order to generate wealth you must be the equivalent of someone who gets hit by lighting twice in terms of luck. There are no opportunities to miss: all paths lead to rome, i.e. back to lower class lifestyles.

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