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daily 07/19/2014

    • Microsoft Dynamics is a line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications. Microsoft Dynamics applications are delivered through a network of reselling partners who provide specialized services.[1] Very few installations are made without the aid, and cost, of these resellers. In its 2013 update, the first since 2009, Microsoft removed many capabilities of users to access features such as report-writing without the intervention, and cost, of members of their approved reseller network.[2]
      • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) – business-management solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage their financials, supply chain, and people. It features multiple languages and multiple currencies.
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management application, sold separately, from Microsoft, that provides sales, service, and marketing capabilities. Microsoft sells Microsoft Dynamics CRM either as on-premises software or as a software-as-a-service offering called “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online”.
    • Lightroom
       To use Topaz in Lightroom you will need to download and install the free Topaz Fusion Express compatibility add on. 
      You will also need to configure Fusion Express as your external editor in Lightroom by following the steps in the following FAQs: 

      Mac Configuration


      Windows Configuration

       To access Topaz in Lightroom please follow these steps: 
       1. Select an image – your image will need to be 8-bit or 16-bit and in RGB color mode
       2. Go to Photo -> Edit in and select: Edit in Topaz Fusion Express 2
       3. Once the Fusion Express menu loads select the Topaz program you wish to run and click Run

    • Coupled with Adobe Photoshop, Bridge can execute Photoshop’s compatible automation plug-ins, scripts and Adobe Camera Raw filters on a group of images. A plugin for Photoshop called Mini Bridge adds a small file browser to Photoshop, although Mini Bridge can be used only if Adobe Bridge is running in the background.
    • Bergerac to Perigueux (54km Time Trial)


      Saturday, July 26th 4:10 a.m. – 11:34 a.m. EDT


      The one and only time trial in the 2014 edition comes in the penultimate stage. With no team time trial, it will likely be a last chance, probably for Froome, or perhaps even Alberto Contador, to snatch victory from any climbing specialists who may have built a lead in the mountains. Tour director Christian Prudhomme said organizers deliberately left this stage until late in the race, with the hope of encouraging the climbers to fight right to the end. If things go to plan, this could be the stage for a dramatic seesaw battle with Froome, or Contador, chasing down Vincenzo Nibali in the battle for overall victory. The tough course favors the men in form more than the true specialists in this discipline such as Tony Martin, Bradley Wiggins, and Fabian Cancellara.

    • Preview: 2014 Tour de France — Stage 17





      Stage 17 Map


      Saint-Gaudens to Saint-Lary-Soulan (124.5km)


      Wednesday, July 23rd 7:40 a.m. – 11:07 a.m. EDT


      This may be the shortest stage of the race, apart from the time trial, but it’s not going to be easy. Any difficulty the Alps can present, the Pyrenees can better. This has four categorized climbs ranging from 8.3km to 13.2km in length, and at between 7 and 8.3 percent average gradient. The short length of the stage suggests this one could be tackled at speed, meaning those with heavy legs and weary bodies will likely wilt in the mountain sun. Expect a breakaway to launch a long way from home, and look for it to go all the way to the line, as the true fireworks will take place amongst the contenders behind. For the riders in the grupetto, this will be a nightmarish day as the elimination time limit won’t allow them much leeway at all, forcing the sprinters to commit fully for the whole stage. Several candidates for the green jersey could even find themselves on the way back home after this stage. This is undoubtedly a stage that shouldn’t be missed.

    • Nibali doesn’t just have a massive lead, he’s also proven that he’s the strongest climber in the race. He’s now eight stages away from becoming a member of an exclusive club, as a winner of all three of cycling’s grand tours. Only five other men have completed that feat.
    • The uncontained manner in which the engine failed resulted in high-speed shrapnel being hurled from the engine; this shrapnel penetrated the hydraulic lines of all three independent hydraulic systems on board the aircraft, which rapidly lost their hydraulic fluid.
    • By utilizing each engine independently, the crew made rough steering adjustments, and by using the engines together they were able to roughly adjust altitude.
    • Despite the ferocity of the accident, 185 (62.5%) passengers and crew survived due to multiple factors including the relatively controlled manner of the crash and the early notification of emergency services.[1]
    • The accident is cited as an example of why “lap infants”—children without a seat of their own—should have their own seat and be properly restrained on all flights.
      • Of all of the passengers:[1]



        • 35 died due to smoke inhalation (none were in first class)

        • 76 died for reasons other than smoke inhalation (17 in first class)

        • 47 were seriously injured (eight in first class)

        • 125 had minor injuries (one in first class)

        • 13 had no injuries (none in first class)
    • Rescuers initially ignored the cockpit, as it had been compressed in the crash to approximately waist high and was completely unrecognizable. It was not until 35 minutes after the crash that rescuers discovered that the debris was the cockpit and that the four pilots were still alive inside. All four recovered from their injuries and returned to work: Haynes, Records and Dvorak returned in three months, while Fitch, more seriously injured than the others, returned in 11 months.[3]
    • Susan White
    • Jan Brown
    • Cynthia Louise Muncey,
    • Efram Upshaw,
    • Cindy began keening, “Are we gonna die? Are we gonna die? I feel like we’re gonna die! I can’t die, I have three small children. They’re waiting for me to come home. They need me! I can’t die!
    • Pam had wanted her sister to be her maid of honor, but the wedding didn’t take place until two and a half years after the crash
    • Pam had saved the pop top from her wedding ceremony at the age of five. She wore it around her neck at the real wedding on December 14, 1991.
    • As White held Cindy in her arms, wondering what to tell her, Captain Haynes announced, “This is gonna be the roughest landing you’ve ever had.”
    • As she glanced to her left, she saw Bruce and Dina and Ruth Anne Osenberg holding hands with one another and praying with Tom Postle.
    • When the plane rolled out lined up with Runway 22, Fitch understood that they had 369,000 pounds of flesh and metal going nearly 250 miles an hour with no way to stop it.
    • This meant that 1819 Uniform would be landing, in effect, on a rich, green, wet, midsummer farm. “And I thought, Perfect,” Fitch said later. He had envisioned all that plant matter gently slowing the plane, cushioning the blow. It would be like dropping a ceramic vessel into a pile of newly mown hay
    • As the plane rolled up onto its nose, the great aperture that had opened where the tail had been now angled across an arc of intense blue sky, and then—shockingly—it pointed directly at the high summer sun. “And I was blinded by the sunlight,” Owens said. That shaft of pure sun streamed down the aisles, supersaturating all the colors and giving the scene a surreal cast.
    • “Then there was this huge rush of air and dirt and grit.” She involuntarily closed her eyes. She felt as if she had blacked out. When her memory trace picked up again, she was still in motion with a hot torrent of air and sharp grit, like shattered glass, lashing her face. She had barely enough time to think, as she reported, “Oh, I’m still alive.” Then her memory was again wiped clean. It seemed to her that she blacked out again. When her consciousness resumed, all motion had stopped.
    • And in Conant’s perception, only the hurtful beauty of the green earth remained, the place she had so dearly longed to be beneath the vast, impossibly blue sky
    • “Off that plane,” she said, pointing to the foul cloud of black kerosene smoke that she could now see crawling across the green world, the blue sky. “And I am scared to death.”
  • I want to get a map and put pins in the places I’ve been. But first, I’ll have to travel to the corners of the map so it’ll stay up.

    • A unit of heavily armed rebels blocked the 30-strong team from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), cordoning off a large part of the crash site. The inspectors retreated after an hour-long standoff, having been unable to gain access. They were sent on their way by warning shots fired by the rebel unit commander.
    • “We will keep coming back tomorrow and the next day and the next day,” said OSCE spokesman Michael Bociurkiw. “Tomorrow will be a crunch day. There are a lot of experts from the Netherlands and Malaysia gathering in Kiev as well as relatives. The bodies are starting to bloat and decay. An expert team is clearly needed. There is a lot to be done in a short amount of time.”
    • Obama said the loss of so many European lives should serve as a wake-up call for Europe.
    • “If Mr Putin makes a decision that we are not going to allow heavy armaments and the flow of fighters into Ukraine … then it will stop.”
    • “While it is too early to be categoric about the cause of the disaster, the growing weight of evidence suggests that MH17 was shot down by a surface to air missile and that this was fired from near Torez, in territory controlled by the separatists.”
    • Rebel websites suggested that the bodies discovered at the crash site were “long dead” and speculated the plane could have been MH370, which went missing earlier this year, hidden and then re-used to stage a “provocation”.
    • “Let us be clear: if it becomes clear that it was an attack, the perpetrators must be found and punished,” he said at a press conference at the ministry of security and justice. “That is something the victims and those they leave behind are entitled to.”
    • It is a tragedy, but it doesn’t look like the attack was either directed at Holland or Malaysia Airlines.
    • A runner has to qualify with at least a 50 miler, and so this isn’t anyone’s first rodeo.
    • Western States is also thought to have a faster back half1, thus providing the perfect opportunity for negative splitting.
    • And here’s the bad news: Only ten runners (of 277 who finished) were able to negative split Western States.
    • (In case you’re not familiar with box-and-whisker plots, here’s the quick run-down of how to read them: The bars span the range of values; the line in the box is the median value; the lower edge of the box is the 25th percentile, and the upper edge of the box is the 75th percentile. These plots are useful for looking distributions, especially when comparing a lot of groups like we are here.)
    • As an ultrarunner, I’ve got to say that this is a rough graph. People are going minutes per mile slower at the end of the race. And there are several runners whose difference in speeds is larger than the speed they had in the first quarter. Yeah, “hemorrhaging time” sounds about right.
    • So let’s call a spade ‘a spade’ here. Most runners just have no business throwing down 13 min/mile splits in the beginning of Western States. And yet more than 50 percent did.
    • On average, runners went 20 percent slower in the second half of the race. So much for negative splits. In a sense, though, these results aren’t news: Pretty much every ultrarunner knows that paces that felt easy in the beginning can be impossible to hold onto at the end.
    • The VPN connection allowed Nederkoorn to avoid the congested routes Netflix data has been traveling over to reach consumers. He was using VyprVPN, a service from Golden Frog, which he pays $15 a month for. “We go out of our way to avoid Level 3, not because we think they are bad guys, but because we know they are feuding with Verizon,” says Philip Molter, the company’s CTO. “We manage to get it over a link that isn’t as congested.”
    • Selling yourself often feels like a grotesque act. So job applicants’ cover letters seem unlikely to contain much great prose. Instead, we tend to fill the page with false notes and empty phrases. (“I believe my skills make me the ideal candidate, and I would appreciate your consideration…”)
    • The trouble with most cover letters is that they sound canned. Using boilerplate formalities won’t make you sound serious; it will just make it harder to tell one cover letter from another.
    • Pros

      Amazing image quality for the price; Blazing-fast hybrid autofocus; Swift burst shooting with generous buffer depths; Good battery life with LCD monitor; More compact than a DSLR; In-camera Wi-Fi wireless networking

    • Not only does the A6000 aim for stellar image quality, but it also knocks the ball out of the park in terms of autofocus performance — performance that Sony claims beats even mid-level DSLRs
    • The Sony A6000 also has another trick up its proverbial sleeve that fans of fast action will enjoy: 11fps continuous shooting with AF tracking. This is a significant upgrade to the NEX-6’s solid 10fps continuous shooting via the use of Speed Priority Continuous mode, which locked focus on the first frame of shooting. If your subject’s distance moved at all, you may have been out of luck to get an in-focus shot during the burst.
    • Like the NEX-6, the new A6000 includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for use with Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. However, like Sony’s other recent cameras, the A6000 also includes NFC support for quick and easy pairing of smartphones — Android-only for the foreseeable future, however.
    • The A6000 does however support Sony’s hot-shoe-mounted ECM-XYST1M stereo mic, which includes adjustable recording directions, a low-cut filter, fuzzy windscreen cover and a mic-out jack for use with cameras that don’t have Sony’s proprietary Multi Interface Shoe. Thus, videographers wanting more professional-level audio quality have the option of going with the Sony external mic or must resort to external audio recorders and synchronize the audio in post production.
    • Also mentioned previously is the A6000’s Multi Interface Shoe which not only supports standard flashes, it integrates 21 additional pins for adding accessories to the camera, such as the aforementioned Sony ECM-XYST1M external mic.
    • The biggest recruiting trip Kevin Sumlin and his staff took last winter did not involve any five-star prospect.
    • Texas A&M, though, had researched a newer NCAA rule that offered them some flexibility, where the school itself could actually pay the difference out of the Student Assistance Fund, which each school has at its disposal to cover things such as the cost of post-eligibility financial aid, or if a student-athlete can’t afford to travel home in cases of emergency, or if they need a suit to wear to university functions or events like SEC Media Days.
    • It’s not an unlimited pool, and the NCAA creates its yearly limit for all schools so each has to budget where its money goes for that year. According to the SEC office, last year each of its members allotted $350,000 for the fund.
    • Moore, the associate AD for football, told FOX Sports that the school didn’t know it could tap into that fund until this year to help with the loss-of-value insurance policy for a case like Ogbuehi’s. “I don’t think many schools know about it,” Moore said Tuesday. ”It’s a game-changer.
    • One of those new challenges might be that freshmen not eligible for the draft could ask the school to pay for insurance policies. Moore said it’s going to be on the schools to determine how they want to spend their money.
    • Asked if he sees a scenario where blue-chip recruits might seek schools to pay their insurance as part of their recruitment, Barnes conceded, “Could that become a part of recruiting? Hypothetically, yes it could.”
    • Texas A&M, though, had researched a newer NCAA rule that offered them some flexibility, where the school itself could actually pay the difference out of the Student Assistance Fund, which each school has at its disposal to cover things such as the cost of post-eligibility financial aid, or if a student-athlete can’t afford to travel home in cases of emergency, or if they need a suit to wear to university functions or events like SEC Media Days.
    • “The problems identified by TABC and that we at Twin Liquors have now settled arose under former management. Twin Liquors is now in good standing with TABC. We remain in the wholesale business in all markets although we have agreed to end wholesale operations in 10 of our 75 retail stores.

    • All of our retail stores are open and enjoying business as usual. We look forward to opening new stores in the near future and are gratified this has come to an acceptable resolution.”
    • Users will be able to use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online as integrated storage options for Salesforce, for example. They will be able to use Salesforce and Outlook together with a new Salesforce App for Outlook. Another feature of the partnership will be the ability to connect Salesforce data to Excel and Power BI for Office 365 to visualize information and find new insights.
    • Verizon calls out “superficial news reports, sensationalistic interest-group fund-raising appeals, and even late-night comedy routines” for exaggerating the threat that ISPs may pose, but also sings the praises of the proposed “flexibility to offer new products and services,” including those which would rely on paid prioritization agreements. The real threats to equality of internet access, they say, come from Amazon, Netflix, and Google.
    • The purchase “provides Salesforce the advantage to optimize the point of customer interaction,” said Glen Stoffel, vice president of agile business transformation at Bluewolf. “It’s not about dashboards, it’s about action — giving customers the tools to uncover customer moments and actionable insights, and using data to predict future behavior and enhance the customer experience.”
    • Salesforce.com will shell out US$350 million in common stock for relationship intelligence firm  RelateIQ in a deal expected to close by October.
    • Many of Salesforce’s partners — such as Totango, C9 and Aviso — already offer analytics, and “what I think is more important is this [purchase] gives Salesforce more of a footprint in process orientation,” Denis Pombriant, principal of Beagle Research, told CRM Buyer.
    • In sum, RelateIQ automatically captures data on a company’s most important sales prospects, provides one interface to customer interactions, and is available through a Chrome browser extension, as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices.
    • It connects with a user’s in-box and calendar to capture data automatically. Customer interactions are captured automatically, and the application manages a customer’s full life cycle, from support tickets to usage statistics to other key information.
    • t lets users merge contacts across teams and augment records with data from around the Web — such as links to LinkedIn and Twitter profiles — building a shared address book that’s always up to date.
    • Salesforce is “smart enough to fill the gap that they needed to fill in social data analytics,” he added, “and also take out a competitor who would some day ding their market share.”
    • Eighty-four percent of the more than 450 respondents to Bluewolf’s “State of Salesforce 2013-2014” survey believe customer engagement will overtake productivity as the primary driver for growth, Stoffel pointed out.
    • Consultancies like Bluewolf, which is product- and vendor-agnostic, will benefit, as organizations will “increasingly rely on [them] to navigate the complexities of enterprise implementations,” Stoffel remarked.
    • Salesforce.com probably will keep RelateIQ’s product in the niche with Work.com and other products for the small business market, Beagle Research’s Pombriant speculated.
    • Analytics should be able to tell you the likelihood of each deal’s completion in time for you to take action if the prediction is unfavorable. If each deal is somewhat different, then comparing each with the historic deals most like them will provide a truer indicator of close probability than simply comparing deals through something as general-purpose as deal stage. The difference is important.
    • It’s general practice to have multiple sales forecasts, and that typically means low and upside potential as well as what’s committed — but the idea of teasing those threads apart only at forecasting time might be old school and no longer applicable
    • Before now, that was hard to do, because forecasters relied on instinct and there was too much data for instinct alone to act on. Also, typical reporting tools, like spreadsheets and BI, are great at telling you what happened but not how to accomplish what should happen.
    • Rather than thinking a lead is a lead is a lead, consider that leads and the deals they represent can cluster into families with similarities, and each family has unique characteristics and closing behaviors.
    • The portfolio model makes a lot of sense, and if you look at the past deals that you won you will probably recognize the portfolio types in your customer base. If you apply what you learned through those deals to the current portfolios, you should be better able to close more business.

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