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daily 07/09/2014

    • Dwight D. Eisenhower statement, “Focus is nothing, focusing is everything.” That may take the point too far, but it still makes the point that having a focus is insufficient.
    • ‘Why can’t IBM do what Microsoft does? Why has Microsoft been so profitable?’ That’s when I realized he thought about business in a much more profound way than I’d given him credit for.”
    • In other words, twice a year, during the busiest and most frenetic time in the company’s history, he still created time and space to seclude himself for a week and do nothing but read articles (his record is 112) and books, study technology, and think about the bigger picture.
    • As Bill Gates has written, “No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more time. There are only 24 hours in everyone’s day. Warren has a keen sense of this. He doesn’t let his calendar get filled up with useless meetings. On the other hand, he’s very generous with his time for the people he trusts. He gives his close advisers at Berkshire his phone number, and they can just call him up and he’ll answer the phone.”
    • nly in this way can we answer with confidence the question, “What’s important now?”
    • When, in 1989, then-28-year-old Richard Linklater rounded up a bunch of friends and ne’er-do-wells in his hometown of Austin, Texas, to film a lo-fi, shaggy-dog odyssey of a movie, he didn’t have a title, didn’t have what a studio exec might call a story, and had only $23,000.
    • His follow-up to Slacker, 1993’s Dazed and Confused, has become a classic of the high-school-flick genre, not for any adolescent Sturm und Drang, but for its enduringly quotable lines and its verisimilitude to actual high school behavior. In Dazed, as in high schools everywhere, dudes drive around; there is a kegger; people think, people talk; and Ben Affleck wields a frat paddle. It’s like life, man.
    • You know this now: when you have a kid, it puts you so much in the present tense with their lives, but you can’t help but churn through your own life at that age.
    • The kids would grow up, the parents would age. In a way, it’s a simple idea, but so damn impractical.
    • . But pretty soon Lorelei was the sullen teenager who did not want to do it anymore.
    • I wanted it to work the way life does. It just flows from one thing into the next, kind of like a memory.
    • This will all be a memory, even while you’re having it.
    • “You know how everyone’s always saying, ‘Seize the moment’?” Nicole says, “I’m kinda thinkin’ it’s the other way around. You know, like, the moment seizes us.”
    • “It’s like always right now.”
    • “I sure as shit don’t know. Neither does anybody else. We’re all just wingin’ it, you know? The good news is that you’re feeling stuff. You gotta hold on to that.
    • How to just be in the moment? You’re one of the more in-the-moment guys I’ve ever met, Matthew. You’re here.
    • I believe there is a science to satisfaction.
    • I believe there is a science to satisfaction.
    • In the end, you’re a sum of your choices.
    • And by the end, he was like, “Wow, I’ve had this experience. Even though it’s fictional, this has been my childhood.”
    • That’s where you get to at 18, Mason’s age at the end of the movie. You have to think about that stuff and realize that the adults around you don’t know either. No one presents you the key.
  • I don’t know a lot about soccer but 5-0 at halftime must be bad…

    • While preparing for his role in Magic Mike, McConaughey worked with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. His workout routine consisted of two circuit-training sessions each day for about two weeks.
    • It involved lots of short to burst cardio sessions mixed with weights using Peterson’s famous 4-5-6-6-5-4 routine. Essentially, he would go on the treadmill for 4 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 6 minutes, and then 6 minutes again, and so on. The reason why Peterson recommends this approach is that it forces people to work harder. It is easier for you to push your body in bursts, than for you push yourself nonstop for half an hour. In many ways, the principle is the same as Tabata or HIIT.




    • This was Brazil’s first home loss in a competitive—”competitive”—game since 1975. It’s also the nation’s worst ever loss in international play, and the day also saw Miroslav Klose overtake Ronaldo for the all-time lead in World Cup goals. Seven goals is the most ever scored in a World Cup semifinal match. Brazil have only conceded seven or more goals once before, losing 8-4 to Yugoslavia in 1934.
    • Mission


      The River City Rangers’ Academy program is designed for U9 and U10 recreational players, boys and girls, who have an exceptional desire to improve their skills and their understanding of the game. Since its inception in 2004, the Academy program has been a cooperative venture of the River City Rangers and the North Austin Soccer Alliance (NASA). The program is accredited as a recreational program, and all U9/U10 recreational players are eligible to join. If at all possible, every applicant is placed on a team – there are no tryouts – and all teams and players are registered through NASA. But all coaches in the Academy program are experienced, dedicated professionals – members of the River City Rangers coaching staff – rather than parent volunteers. The expectation is that players who join the Academy program will look forward to trying out for a team in a select club when they reach U11, and the program prepares committed recreational players to advance to a select level of play.

    • The DJCT Academy Program is for U8 through U10 players and is designed to build a solid foundation for the young players before going into Select soccer. Through the Houston Dynamo curriculum, the DJCT Academy Program will develop the proper technical skills for each player and the Houston Dynamo tactical playing formats for each team. This is to help the player learn the Houston Dynamo way as they progress through the program. 
    • Another observation is that beyond coaching quality fundy’s, they put a large emphasis on respect and etiquette. For example, if a kid draws a 4th ball, they lay the bat down in front of the plate…they don’t toss it behind them. They walk around the plate and pitcher’s mound…not across them. No slouchy uniforms or cocky attitudes are tolerated. I think they really teach these kids to have respect for the uniform they wear. Cool, IMO.
    • Hence, Tommy Boggs began what is now known as “Select Baseball” in the Austin area in the late 1980s. In the beginning he took a lot of heat for taking many of the elite players from the various leagues. Still, he stood firm against all the others in his determination to promote top-notch baseball in the Central Texas area.
    • The Wings are well known and respected locally, statewide and nationally.  As a member of the American Premier Baseball Association, Wings Baseball has enjoyed success at all levels, including a fifth place finish at the Connie Mack World Series in 2000, a Triple Crown 15U National Championship in 2005, a Premier Junior National Championship in 2006,  second place finishes in the Sophomore and Freshmen Premier National Championships in 2006, and a Premier Junior National Championship in 2008.  In addition, many teams have completed summer play in the top ten of their respective age groups.
    • The first annual National Youth Baseball Championships (NYBC) tournament was held in August 2008 for players in two divisions: 10U and 12U.[7][8] The purpose of the tournament is to recognize one team as the “National Youth Baseball Champion.”[7][8] The tournament organizer is the Major Youth Baseball Alliance, LLC, which was formed by eight major national youth baseball organizations, whose programs have more than eight million participants.[7][8] The eight organizations are: AABC (American Amateur Baseball Congress), AAU (Amateur Athletic Union of the United States), Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, NABF (National Amateur Baseball Federation), Pony Baseball, Super Series Baseball of America, and USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association).[7][8]



    • The Babe Ruth League is an international youth baseball and softball league based in Trenton, New Jersey.


      The Babe Ruth League was organized under the name “Little Bigger League” in Hamilton, New Jersey in 1951 by businessman Marius D. Bonacci and nine others as a baseball program for boys aged 13 to 15.[1] Claire Merritt Ruth, the widow of Babe Ruth, met with the league’s organizers in 1954 and authorized them to rename the league in Ruth’s honor.[2]

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