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daily 06/18/2014

    • Robb and Renly have both been eliminated; Joffrey and his successor Tommen (or really, Tywin) are clearly uninterested in the ravings of an ancient Maester.
    • Only Stannis (or Davos, really), who has the smallest power base and land holdings of anyone vying for the Iron Throne, recognizes Aemon’s request for the opportunity it is: the chance to be a hero by fighting back wildling hordes and White Walkers, and to rally the North to his cause and cultivate it as a power base.
    • While the Wall is generally regarded as primarily a safeguard against the wildling “threat,” if you believe the ancient mythology of Westeros you understand it as protection against White Walkers.) And while I get his plan of sending Ygritte and Tormund and a bunch of Thenns raiding northern towns to distract the Night’s Watch before launching an actual invasion, it seems like this is a sort of… “you get more flies with honey” scenario?
    • The poison he used is the artery-clogging venom of the manticore, a scorpion-like creature that was deployed in an assassination attempt on Daenerys in season three; Maester Pycelle claims that manticore venom usually comes from Mantarys, an Essosi city, located west of Slaver’s Bay.
    • The children—most people call them Children of the Forest—are Westeros’ native race; its original inhabitants before the First Men arrived thousands of years ago (followed by, remember, the Andals and the Rhoynar).
    • The three-eyed raven, it’s generally understood, is a centuries-old Targaryen bastard once known as Brynden Rivers
    • Bloodraven eventually fell out of favor with the Iron Throne, during the reign of Aerys I’s successor Maekar I (Maester Aemon’s father), and was imprisoned and eventually sent to the wall in the same party as his grandnephew Maester Aemon. He rose in the ranks and eventually became commander. What happened to him is unclear, but apparently he went to live inside a tree.

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