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daily 05/17/2014

    • That being said: $#@! him and whoever else in this town that charges $8 for a beer.
    • Things Patterson has done:
       1) Got rid of Mack Brown
       2) Hired Charlie Strong
       3) Hired Disney to help un$#@! our fan experience
       4) Making beer at games happen
       5) Setup what sounds like some really cool games for Basketball
       6) Davis is no longer primarily responsible for football academics (this may be Strong’s work)
       Yeah. What a terrible $#@!ing job less than a year on the job.
    • The belief that getting an early start to the day is virtuous is widely held. In fact, finds a forthcoming study, it’s so pervasive that managers rate workers who get an early start higher than those who get in and stay late, no matter how many hours they work in total or how well they do their jobs. And it could explain why other research has found that workers who have flexible schedules have less successful careers.
    • The study, from researchers at The University of Washington, highlighted at the Harvard Business Review, will be published later this year in the Journal of Applied Psychology. It finds support for the idea that managers have a “morning bias.” In other words, they buy into a common stereotype that leads them to confuse starting time with conscientiousness. They perceive employees who start later as less conscientious, and consequently less hard-working and disciplined, and that carries through to performance ratings.

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