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daily 05/05/2014

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    • According to NBC, the airport grounded all incoming and outgoing flights for several hours last Wednesday after a Soviet-era U-2 spy plane cruised through airspace monitored by L.A. Air Route Traffic Control Center.
    • There’s   nothing ‘new’ to learn here, your exertion is simply accentuated. As a   result, riding an ebike for the first time feels bizarre for about 30   seconds, and then it becomes second nature. It really is just like riding a   bike.
    • The bike has various   levels of assistance, from ‘turbo’ through to ‘eco’, so you can decide how   much effort you put in (though, as any boy racer will testify, once you have   the option to go fast, it’s hard to resist)
    • And since the motor has to be limited to 15.5mph   (give or take 10pc) for a bike to be road legal in the UK, riders won’t   reach speeds that are any higher than those of conventional cyclists.
    • Lance Armstrong is happy. In fact, he looks better at 42 than I’ve ever seen him, less gaunt in the face, thicker in the chest, bluer in the eyes. I found a man sitting in his den, surrounded by his seven Tour de France chalices, his 3-year-old, Olivia, on his lap, kissing him and laughing.
    • Life has become very simple very quickly. … I’m not in a hurry to get anywhere. Nobody’s waiting on the other end.”
    • “I couldn’t go, ‘Well, Rick, since you’ve asked me for the 10th time, I’m going to tell you the truth this time.’ You can’t. You’re stuck. You’re deep in it, and there’s no getting out. The waves keep coming at you — the sport, the team, the media, the sponsors, the foundation, the family — and you can’t stop. … My issue was being so adamant. I’m the one who elevated it to the degree it got to. It was on me. It was my fault.”
    • It’s not an issue for me. I don’t live in fear of it. People tell lies. They’re flawed. We all are. I think Lance has learned a lot from it. He’s changed.”
    • No endorser will touch him. Nobody wants him to speak, even for free. He is banned from any marathon, triathlon, bike race, 10k, 2k sneak, even if it’s for charity. He’d like to write another book, work with cancer patients again, maybe have a role in sports. But that all seems eons away.
    • As I come to the end of my sportswriting career, I wonder whether I need to make peace, too. Peace with the athletes who thrilled me, then disgusted me. Pete Rose, Ben Johnson, Mark McGwire, Marion Jones, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong. Peace with letting myself be thrilled, and then fooled, time and again. Why carry it as I go? And if Armstrong is over it, why aren’t I
    •  There’s never going to be a universe where I embrace Jar Jar Binks, one of the worst characters in all of fiction.  
    • The duel between Mistress Luminara, Ahsoka Tano, and Ventress may be one of my favorites in the franchise.
    • By themselves, it feels like there’s very little humanity in them.
    • There’s a ton of cool imagery in STAR WARS, but I think people keep returning to the Saga because the characters ring true, the stories have resonance, and the emotions are genuine.
    • Besides the money, Lucas made another deal with Baker in order to convince him to play R2-D2; his comedy partner, Jack Purvis, would also get a part in Star Wars. In A New Hope, Jack plays the Jawa (from the planet Tatooine) who attacks and disables R2-D2. In later movies, Jack would play an Ewok, a Cantina patron, and a droid himself.

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