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daily 05/03/2014

    • Wilson Chebet ran 29:26 from 30k to 40k – that’s 2:04:11 pace. Yet he couldn’t catch Meb.
    • Meb disagreed. “Looking back is not a bad thing. It can save you a win.”
    • Robert,
      Thank you so much for the positive spin you put on the Americans and especially my son Ryan in supporting Meb’s win in Boston. Your article turned my aching mother’s heart (for my son’s disappointment) into rejoicing! We have always taught Ryan that God is more interested in his character than his accomplishments. It appears that he got it.

      Like Ryan, we are so pleased with Meb’s victory. No one deserved it more. He was always so gracious when it was Ryan on the podium, a role model for Ryan in good sportsmanship.

      Again thank you so very much!
      Susie Hall

    • When the Waldorf-Astoria building was constructed in 1930, it was built with its own private platform, to be used by the private cars of the very rich. T
    • The most interesting takeaway from all this is not what these Amazon employees disagree about, but rather the common threads that run through their descriptions of life at Amazon: a high pressure culture based on competitiveness, obsessive and ongoing measurement of employees, and a commitment to treating people as cogs in one massive, churning retail machine. We’ve bolded some noteworthy passages below.
    • That being said, what I’ve found from working here is that the culture is output oriented. If you are demonstrating success and getting your work done at a high level, they are actually extremely flexible about hours and I’ve found my quality of life here to be incredibly high.
    • It was considered great if you could pick 100 items per hour. This is quite the feat considering most facilities are a million square feet or more.
    • Eventually I was pulled aside with some other workers, brought into a small room, told how much they valued my service, and then given a small bag of chocolates, and shown the door. I did have something tasty to eat on my way home, so that was nice.
    • I finally left Amazon after it became clear that I would have to work 7-10 years just to get to the level at which I should have been hired.
    • ll HR said to me was, “Well, you hurt his feelings too sometimes.”
    • I kept getting horribly sick, and I was professionally mature enough to push back sometimes, unlike the younger people around me),
    • At that point, I’d had enough. I left exactly 2 years + 1 day after starting – the moment I wouldn’t have to pay my signing bonus back. My husband left as well.

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