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daily 04/25/2014

    • The filters approved in Europe and Canada are better at blocking UVA. Ecamsule, for example, absorbs light waves best at 344 nanometers, which is squarely in the UVA range. Sunscreens that combine the old filters with the new ones provide broader protection against the sun.
    • The first and most benign is that these four young adults all bought these fake bibs off Craigslist or a comparable site from a chief bastard because they themselves would never steal anything, including pencils and music from the internet. In this scenario, they were the victims.
    • Among those who support views of limited government, there is often a “higher than average endorsement of views that could be seen as racial resentment,” said Andra Gillespie, an associate professor of political science at Emory University.
    • Gillespie said part of the issue is a perception that the far right is made up of people who are white and uneducated.
    • Furthermore, the results of the regressions we ran tell a similar story. After individually regressing QBR, Sack Percentage, Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt, Passer Rating, and Interception Rate Per Attempt on the corresponding Wonderlic scores, we did not find a single relationship that proved to be statistically significant at the 5% level, and most are not even close. That is, a quarterback’s score on the Wonderlic Test does not serve as a significant predictor for any of the metrics we analyzed.
    • It’s not merely that Cliven Bundy is a racist lunatic; he’s a reductio ad absurdum of what passes for libertarian thought among its unreflective but reflexively militant white male interlocutors.
    • Bundy is the loudest, clearest expression of the id of Inner America.
    • Most investors, of course (except The One True God) have no fucking way of knowing whether or not there’s going to be a disaster this year.
    • Caity: Yes, but American Girl is always going for more aspirational than kiddish These are $110 dolls that are hard to play with. American Girl isn’t about fun. It’s about American Girl.
    • would say the same of my cheeseburger. I’d order it again because I’m a kid and I hate to try new things at American Girl Place. I want everything to stay the same forever and no one to get divorced on my birthday.
    • One of the very few things American Girl does wrong is that they don’t get multiple staffers to sing the Happy Birthday song the way chain restaurants do. The Happy Birthday song sang by one quiet gay man sounds more like a Happy Birthday dirge.
    • Addy escaped slavery so that she could afford a $90 table-and-two-chairs set that could only fit doll bodies.
    • he Campbell Apartment, probably because you assumed it was closed or didn’t know it was there, tucked behind Cipriani Dolci (which you are NOT allowed pass through as a shortcut! OK, OK! Calm down Cipriani Dolci!), it is the grand former office of a long dead railroad executive named John W. Campbell.
    • and that the place is teeming with bridge and tunnel people (the bridge and tunnels both lead to Ghost World).
    • but if you or your date commutes from Westchester or Connecticut (as surely you must, because why else would you be having your first date in this train station?), you can certainly afford it.
    • Caity: It is a GREAT place to not only have an affair, but to engage in public coitus without fear of discovery.
    • Think the Romans. They didn’t create their empire so we could make cool mini series about them. They waged bloody wars in order to have access to metals such as copper and tin.
    • Every home has up to 400 pounds of copper, both in wiring and in the plumbing… It is quite frankly the metal that runs modern civilization.
    • The real answer will most likely be a new technology, a new alloy or graphite that will both conduct electricity and be cheap. Something like that is most likely more than a generation away.
    • Amazon wants to be the future of the retail business. It will accomplish that by not only competing with Wal-Mart and Target on price, but also on convenience. If Amazon wants to compete, it must not only
    • mazon is doing that in part by moving away from normal delivery services like UPS—which provide “jobs” to “employees”—in favor of smaller delivery services that use “independent contractors.”
    • On top of that, since they aren’t employees, they have a hard time unionizing, they get slammed on their taxes, and they don’t get benefits.

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