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daily 04/21/2014

    • Nothing on this show will make sense if you don’t understand the inherent poor decision-making of its target audience, if indeed any of it is even supposed to make sense, which it most decidedly is not.
    • A rep for the retailer confirmed to Consumerist that this store, along with others in Maine, was closed because state law requires that retailer locations over a certain size close their doors on certain holidays, including Easter.
    • As for wages, the volunteers were paid their standard wages, confirmed the rep, rather than any special holiday pay.
    • But that description seems to designed to say very little. New York law says permanent residents must be present in the apartment if they’re going to sublet it for less than 30 days.
    • Hantman’s right. Craigslist still hasn’t gotten this treatment. But this is what happens when you’ve raised $776 million. People expect you to figure out your tax burden before the $10 billion mark.
  • Grace defeats karma! Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! Live like you know the battle is won, because it is! http://t.co/Gv1BxQRvog

    • The company currently supports 122 banks and credit unions that are live   with its SmartApps and has a total of 170 signed clients. Through these   institutions, Malauzai’s SmartApps are used by more than 162,000 end   users. Malauzai saw a 300 percent revenue increase in 2012 and has grown   to a staff of more than 35 employees, many of which have been hired from   the local Austin market.
    • Swoopes looked like a redshirt freshman, which is what he ought to be. A couple of correctable mistakes, a few things to yell at him about and roll over and over in the film room… and let the experienced guy (Ash) take the starter’s reps. Duh.
    • Meanwhile, Heard should not be an option. Swoopes ought to be #2 on the depth chart unless Wittek comes in and beats him out. A ragged half in a Spring game while he is still a college freshman is not enough to declare Swoopes anything other than “not the starter” which he wasn’t going to be anyway. So freaking chill.
    • Saw the Auburn spring game highlights on Sportscenter last night. Our offense looks like a Jr High team compared to them.
       Nick Marshall looked sharp, with excellent WRs, and they have a RB that’s fast as $#@!.
    • While straightforward schematically for most of the game, Bedford demonstrated that he’s no fan of zero coverage, isn’t shy about bringing LBs, prefers soundness and simplicity to wizardry and isn’t particularly pleased with our DB’s understanding of how to defense a Hail Mary throw.
    • We saw a heavy use of waggles, bootlegs, the screen game, power running, opportune deep play action on running downs and more tight end involvement than we’ve seen in a while.
    • Either Watson has a great natural feel for the screen game or he’s dialed in on Bedford’s tendencies, because pretty much everything we did in that phase of the game was fruitful.
    • While that’s encouraging, it’s not the basis for a real offense against above average or good defenses and kneecaps a promising group of receivers who can do things after the catch.
    • Max Wittek and Jerrod Heard will probably improve this depth chart.  But that’s a relative statement.
    • Geoff Swaim made two excellent catches on boots where the TE was a primary option.  Begin the ticker tape parade.

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