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daily 04/19/2014

  • Live every day like you’re going to get the chance to subtly humiliate that one ex who never believed in you with your success

  • Honoured to be a part of today’s Good Friday Procession at St. Francis of Assisi Church. http://t.co/gsD7VEF7uV

    • Kinnear is an excellent choice for this character; he’s a charming enough guy to believe he can not only hold a crowd with his laid-back sermons (we never ever see him in any kind of collar, because he’s not a priest), but also a talented enough actor to play the anxiety-riddled family man.
    • If there’s any message here, it’s to believe in something, even if that something has nothing to do with God.
    • Perhaps the most shocking element of this film is how quickly it falls into familiar action-movie, low-grade sci-fi patterns.
    • The rest of the cast is fine, I guess, but seeing Freeman and Murphy on hand made it clear that Nolan called in a few favors to boost the famous faces in the film.
    • nd, in a bizarre twist, the Army claims certain records don’t exist because an element of Sgt. Star is “living.”
    • To put it another way: Sgt. Star is what happens when you take a traditional “FAQ” page and inject it with several million dollars worth of artificial intelligence upgrades.
    • A cost-cutting solution presented itself in late 2003 in the form of an artificial intelligence program called ActiveAgent, developed by a Spokane, Washington-based tech firm called Next IT. After years of trial runs and focus groups, the Army debuted Sgt. Star2 in 2006.
    • As in the context of data mining, a computer equipped with artificial intelligence is capable of engaging thousands of individuals simultaneously, twenty-four hours a day.
    • But here the agent is able to leverage the power of computers to persuade via carefully orchestrated social tactics known to elicit responses in humans.
    • Techniques of AI and HCI [Human-Computer Interaction] create the opportunity for institutions to leverage the human tendency to anthropomorphise and other advantages computers hold over humans (ubiquity, diligence, trust, memory, etc.) to facilitate an otherwise impracticable depth and breadth of data collection.
    • The Army does not have a privacy policy specific to Sgt. Star, but officials say they are not tracking cookies or retaining personal information beyond IP address traffic to goarmy.com. But Sgt. Star
    • The Army also revealed to TLDR that Sgt. Star is not so smart that he can increase his own knowledge base. Instead, the Army and Next IT hold monthly meetings to assess and adjust how Sgt. Star responds to questions.
    • The application used chat with an underlying AI component that replicated topical conversations.
    • and it allowed a single agent to monitor 20-30 conversations concurrently.
    • ActiveSentry is not a chatbot, but a kind of patrol guard, watching keystrokes, conversations and monitoring network activity, looking for employee misbehavior and then springing into action. Here’s how Next IT’s founder and CEO described its investigative and evidence-gathering capabilities in a presentation at a homeland security technology showcase:
    • I am a dynamic, intelligent self-service virtual guide, created by the Army, that will help you quickly navigate the GoArmy Web site and retrieve Army-related subject matter, while simultaneously answering questions and directing communication based on interaction with the user.
    • Likely what they mean is that they don’t maintain older versions of Sgt. Star’s script because they constantly update a single file. If that’s the case, then that indicates poor record-keeping by the Army.
    • If the FBI treats their bots in the same way, that would raise serious questions about the ability of defendants to challenge the reliability of a bot if they are charged with a crime after the bot’s programming has changed.
    • The Army also refused to provide us with Sgt. Star’s input patterns, i.e. all the phrases and keywords that he is programmed to recognize, claiming that this information is Next IT’s proprietary material and therefore exempt from FOIA.
    • he performances are so exacting that Maslany can play, say, Sarah impersonating Cosima without ever confusing us as to who is whom.
    • The case provides corporate America with another useful tip on how to avoid costly litigation: If you haven’t already done so, rush to lock your customers and/or employees into invisible mandatory arbitration agreements that will bar them from challenging your misconduct in a class-action suit,” Dahlia Lithwick wrote in Slate at the time.
    • These towers dominate the scenery throughout the course, which is four laps around the city.
    • As a tourist in North Korea, you have zero freedom, except when you return to your hotel. Foreigners drive around the city in gleaming tour buses, staring at expressionless workers in drab overalls. I hoped that the marathon might let me experience the country on a deeper level.
    • yle was the kind of reporter who would hang around scenes for a long time and then write them up. Despite that method, he was no slouch, productivity-wise: By the end of his life he was writing six seven-hundred word columns a week.

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